Louis Boulanger

born March 11th, 1806

Louis Candide Boulanger was a French Romantic painter, pastellist, lithographer and a poet, known for his religious and allegorical subjects, portraits, genre scenes.

Louis Bourdaloue

died May 13th, 1704

Louis Bourdaloue was a French Jesuit and preacher.

Louis Bouveault

born February 11th, 1864

Louis Bouveault was a French scientist who became professor of organic chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Paris. He is known for the Bouveault aldehyde synthesis and the Bouveault–Blanc reduction.

Louis Braille

born January 4th, 1809

Louis Braille was a French educator and the inventor of a reading and writing system named after him, braille, intended for use by visually impaired people. His system is used worldwide and remains virtually unchanged to this day.

Louis Bromfield

December 27th, 1896 - March 18th, 1956

Louis Bromfield was an American writer and conservationist. A bestselling novelist in the 1920s, he reinvented himself as a farmer in the late 1930s and became one of the earliest proponents of sustainable and organic agriculture in the United States. He won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in 1927 for Early Autumn, founded the experimental Malabar Farm near Mansfield, Ohio, and played an important role in the early environmental movement.

Louis C. Wyman

March 16th, 1917 - May 5th, 2002

Louis Crosby Wyman was an American politician and lawyer. He was a U.S. Representative and, for three days, a U.S. Senator from New Hampshire. This was one of the shortest tenures in Senate history. He was a member of the Republican Party.

Louis Calhern

February 19th, 1895 - May 12th, 1956

Carl Henry Vogt, known professionally as Louis Calhern, was an American stage and screen actor. Well known to fans of film noir for his role as attorney Alonzo Emmerich, the pivotal villain in The Asphalt Jungle (1950), he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for portraying Oliver Wendell Holmes in the film The Magnificent Yankee later that year.

Louis Capone

died March 4th, 1944

Louis Capone was a New York organized crime figure who became a supervisor for Murder, Inc. Louis Capone was not related to Al Capone, the boss of the Chicago Outfit. Capone was convicted of murder in 1941, and sentenced to death. He was electrocuted at Sing Sing Prison on March 4, 1944.

Louis Chevrolet

born December 25th, 1878

Louis-Joseph Chevrolet was an American racing driver, mechanic and entrepreneur who co-founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company in 1911.

Louis Claude de Saint-Martin

born January 18th, 1743

Louis Claude de Saint-Martin was a French philosopher, known as le philosophe inconnu, the name under which his works were published; he was an influential of the mystic and human mind evolution and became the inspiration for the founding of the Martinist Order.

Louis Cole

born April 28th, 1983

Louis John Cole (born 28 April 1983), better known by his original online alias FoodForLouis, then later rebranding as FunForLouis is an English-born film-maker and YouTube personality based in San Mateo, Costa Rica. He has a following of over 2 million on YouTube and is best known for posting a daily video blog on the channel FunForLouis, which documents his life and travels adventuring all over the globe. Cole originally found fame through filming eating stunts on another channel, FoodForLouis, but has since taken these videos down to focus on the positive message of FunForLouis.

Louis Comfort Tiffany

born February 18th, 1848

Louis Comfort Tiffany was an American artist and designer who worked in the decorative arts and is best known for his work in stained glass. He is associated with the art nouveau and aesthetic art movements.

Louis Cooper

born August 5th, 1963

Alexander Louis Cooper (born August 5, 1963, in Marion, South Carolina) is a former American football linebacker in the National Football League. He played in the NFL from 1985–1993, mainly for the Kansas City Chiefs. He played college football at Western Carolina University.

Louis Daquin

born May 20th, 1908

Louis Daquin was a French film director, screenwriter and actor. He directed 14 films between 1938 and 1963. He also appeared in 11 films between 1937 and 1979.

Louis de Broglie

died March 19th, 1987

Louis Victor Pierre Raymond, 7th Duc de Broglie was a French aristocrat and physicist who made groundbreaking contributions to quantum theory. In his 1924 PhD thesis, he postulated the wave nature of electrons and suggested that all matter has wave properties. This concept is known as the de Broglie hypothesis, an example of wave–particle duality, and forms a central part of the theory of quantum mechanics.

Louis de Buade de Frontenac

born May 12th, 1622

Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac et de Palluau was a French soldier, courtier, and Governor General of New France in North America from 1672 to 1682, and again from 1689 to his death in 1698. He established a number of forts on the Great Lakes and engaged in a series of battles against the English and the Iroquois.

Louis de Cahusac

born April 6th, 1706

Louis de Cahusac was an 18th-century French playwright and librettist, and Freemason, most famous for his work with the composer Jean-Philippe Rameau. He provided the libretti for several of Rameau's operas, namely Les fêtes de l'Hymen et de l'Amour (1747), Zaïs (1748), Naïs (1749), Zoroastre, La naissance d'Osiris (1754), and Anacréon. He is also credited with writing the libretto of Rameau's final work, Les Boréades. Cahusac contributed to the Encyclopédie and was the lover of Marie Fel.

Louis de Funès

died January 27th, 1983

Louis Germain David de Funès de Galarza was a French actor and comedian. He is France's favourite actor, according to a series of polls conducted since the late 1960s, having played over 150 roles in film and over 100 on stage. His acting style is remembered for its high-energy performance and his wide range of facial expressions and tics. A considerable part of his best-known acting was directed by Jean Girault.

Louis de Montfort

January 31st, 1673 - April 28th, 1716

Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, TOSD was a French Catholic priest known for his preaching and his influence on Mariology. He was made a missionary apostolic by Pope Clement XI.

Louis de Noailles, 4th Duke of Noailles

born April 21st, 1713

Louis de Noailles, 4th Duke of Noailles was a French peer and Marshal of France. He was the son of Françoise Charlotte d'Aubigné, niece of Madame de Maintenon, and a nephew of Marie Victoire de Noailles, daughter-in-law of Louis XIV of France.

Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon

January 16th, 1675 - March 2nd, 1755

Louis de Rouvroy, duc de Saint-Simon, GE, was a French soldier, diplomat, and memoirist. He was born in Paris at the Hôtel Selvois, 6 rue Taranne. The family's ducal peerage (duché-pairie), granted in 1635 to his father Claude de Rouvroy (1608–1693), served as both perspective and theme in Saint-Simon's life and writings. He was the second and last Duke of Saint-Simon.

Louis Delmas

born April 12th, 1987

Louis Delmas (French pronunciation: ​[lwi dɛ]; born April 12, 1987) is a former American football safety. He was drafted by the Detroit Lions in the second round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He played college football at Western Michigan. He was also a member of the Miami Dolphins.

Louis Duffus

born May 13th, 1904

Louis George Duffus was a South African cricketer who became the country's most respected writer on the game.

Louis Edmonds

died March 3rd, 2001

Louis Stirling Edmonds was an American actor from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was best known for his roles in Dark Shadows and All My Children.

Louis Eilshemius

died December 29th, 1941

Louis Michel Eilshemius was an American painter, primarily of landscapes and nudes. He also wrote musical compositions, verse, novels, short stories, and published periodicals.

Louis Falco

died March 26th, 1993

Louis Falco was an American dancer and choreographer.

Louis Farrakhan

born May 11th, 1933

Louis Farrakhan is an American religious leader who heads the Nation of Islam (NOI), a black nationalist organization. Farrakhan is notable for his leadership of the 1995 Million Man March in Washington, D.C. and for his rhetoric that has been widely denounced as antisemitic and racist.

Louis Ferreira

born February 20th, 1966

Louis Ferreira (born Luís Ferreira; born 20 February 1966) is a Canadian actor. Ferreira is known for his roles in Stargate Universe as Colonel Everett Young, serial killer Ray Prager in the first season of Durham County, FBI Assistant Director John Pollock in Missing, and Art Blank in Saw IV, Saw V, and Saw 3D. He starred in the CTV series Motive as homicide detective Oscar Vega. Before 2008, he was credited under the stage name Justin Louis.

Louis Feuillée

died April 18th, 1732

Louis Éconches Feuillée was a French member of the Order of the Minims, explorer, astronomer, geographer, and botanist.

Louis Freeh

born January 6th, 1950

Louis Joseph Freeh is an American attorney and former judge who served as the fifth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from September 1993 to June 2001.

Louis Gambaccini

born May 6th, 1931

Louis J. Gambaccini was an American government official who spent his career in the area of transportation.

Louis Ganne

born April 5th, 1862

Louis-Gaston Ganne was a conductor and composer of French operas, operettas, ballets, and marches.
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