Louis Klein

born January 24th, 1761

Dominique Louis Antoine Klein served in the French military during the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars as a general of cavalry.

Louis L'Amour

born March 22nd, 1908

Louis Dearborn L'Amour was an American novelist and short story writer. His books consisted primarily of Western novels, though he called his work "frontier stories". His most widely known Western fiction works include Last of the Breed, The Walking Drum, Hondo, Shalako, and the Sackett series. L'Amour also wrote historical fiction, science fiction, non-fiction (Frontier), and poetry and short-story collections. Many of his stories were made into films. His books remain popular and most have gone through multiple printings. At the time of his death, almost all of his 105 existing works were still in print, and he was "one of the world's most popular writers".

Louis Lane

born December 25th, 1923

Louis Gardner Lane was an American conductor. He was born in Eagle Pass, Texas. He studied composition with Kent Kennan at the University of Texas at Austin where he earned his bachelor's in music degree in 1943, and with Bohuslav Martinů at the Tanglewood Music Center, and with Bernard Rogers at the Eastman School of Music. He also studied opera with Sarah Caldwell (1950).

Louis le Brocquy

died April 25th, 2012

Louis le Brocquy HRHA was an Irish painter born in Dublin to Albert and Sybil le Brocquy. Louis' sister is the sculptor Melanie Le Brocquy. His work received many accolades in a career that spanned some seventy years of creative practice. In 1956, he represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale, winning the Premio Acquisito Internationale with A Family, subsequently included in the historic exhibition Fifty Years of Modern Art Brussels, World Fair 1958. The same year he married the Irish painter Anne Madden and left London to work in the French Midi.

Louis Leithold

died April 29th, 2005

Louis Leithold was an American mathematician and teacher. He is best known for authoring The Calculus, a classic textbook about calculus that changed the teaching methods for calculus in world high schools and universities. Known as "a legend in AP calculus circles," Leithold was the mentor of Jaime Escalante, the Los Angeles high-school teacher whose story is the subject of the 1988 movie Stand and Deliver.

Louis Léopold Robert

May 13th, 1794 - March 20th, 1835

Louis Léopold Robert was a Swiss painter.

Louis Lincoln Emmerson

born December 27th, 1863

Louis Lincoln Emmerson was an American Republican politician and the twenty-seventh governor of Illinois.

Louis Mackey

born December 29th, 1977

Louis Charles Mackey III (born December 29, 1977) is a former American football linebacker. He played college football at Akron. After going undrafted in the 2001 NFL Draft, Mackey played for the in Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League from 2001 to 2002. After a hiatus from football, Mackey returned to the game as a member of the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League from 2006 to 2007.

Louis Mahoney

September 8th, 1938 - June 28th, 2020

Louis Felix Danner Mahoney (/ˈluːiːməˈhoʊni/; 8 September 1938 – 28 June 2020) was a Gambian-born British actor, based in Hampstead in London. He was an anti-racist activist and long-time campaigner for racial equality within the acting profession. He represented African-Asian members on the council of the actors' union, Equity, becoming joint Vice-President between 1994 and 1996.

Louis Marchand

February 2nd, 1669 - February 17th, 1732

Louis Marchand was a French organist, harpsichordist and composer. Born into an organist's family, Marchand was a child prodigy and quickly established himself as one of the best known French virtuosos of his time. He worked as organist of numerous churches and, for a few years, as one of the four organistes du roy. Marchand had a violent temperament and an arrogant personality, and his life was filled with scandals, publicized and widely discussed both during his lifetime and after his death. Despite his fame, few of his works survive to this day, and those that do almost all date from his early years. Nevertheless, a few pieces of his, such as the organ pieces Grand dialogue and Fond d'orgue have been lauded as classic works of the French organ school.

Louis Marie de La Révellière-Lépeaux

died March 24th, 1824

Louis Marie de La Révellière-Lépeaux was a deputy to the National Convention during the French Revolution. He later served as a prominent leader of the French Directory.

Louis Moreau Gottschalk

born May 8th, 1829

Louis Moreau Gottschalk was an American composer, pianist, and virtuoso performer of his own romantic piano works. He spent most of his working career outside the United States.

Louis Moréri

born March 25th, 1643

Louis Moréri was a French priest and encyclopedist.

Louis Muhlstock

born April 23rd, 1904

Louis Muhlstock, LL.D. was a Canadian painter best known for his depictions of the Great Depression and for landscapes and urban scenes in and around Montreal.

Louis Nicolas Vauquelin

born May 16th, 1763

Louis Nicolas Vauquelin FRS(For) HFRSE was a French pharmacist and chemist. He was the discoverer of both chromium and beryllium.

Louis Nye

May 1st, 1913 - October 9th, 2005

Louis Nye was an American comedic actor. He was an entertainer to the troops during World War II and is best known for his work on countless television, film and radio programs.

Louis O'Neill (politician)

born April 25th, 1925

Louis O'Neill was a Canadian university professor, writer, priest and politician. O'Neill was a member of the National Assembly of Quebec from 1976–1981 and held two cabinet posts.

Louis of Nassau

January 10th, 1538 - April 14th, 1574

Louis of Nassau was the third son of William I, Count of Nassau-Siegen and Juliana of Stolberg, and the younger brother of Prince William of Orange Nassau.

Louis of Toulouse

born February 9th, 1274

Saint Louis of Toulouse, also known as Louis of Anjou, was a Neapolitan prince of the Capetian House of Anjou and a Catholic bishop.

Louis Oliver

born March 9th, 1966

Louis Oliver, III (born March 9, 1966) is an American former college and professional football player who was a safety in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s and 1990s. Oliver played college football for the University of Florida, and was twice recognized as an All-American. He was a first-round pick in the 1989 NFL Draft, and played professionally for the Miami Dolphins and the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL.

Louis Partridge

born June 3rd, 2003

Louis Partridge (born 3 June 2003) is an English actor and model. He started his acting career in small roles in short films such as Beneath Water and About a Dog. He is best known for his role as Tewkesbury in the Netflix original films Enola Holmes in 2020 and Enola Holmes 2 in 2022, starring alongside Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, as well as his role playing Sid Vicious in the miniseries Pistol.

Louis Pasteur

born December 27th, 1822

Louis Pasteur was a French chemist and microbiologist renowned for his discoveries of the principles of vaccination, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization, the last of which was named after him. His research in chemistry led to remarkable breakthroughs in the understanding of the causes and preventions of diseases, which laid down the foundations of hygiene, public health and much of modern medicine. Pasteur's works are credited with saving millions of lives through the developments of vaccines for rabies and anthrax. He is regarded as one of the founders of modern bacteriology and has been honored as the "father of bacteriology" and the "father of microbiology".

Louis Paul Boon

born March 15th, 1912

Lodewijk Paul Aalbrecht Boon was a Belgian writer of novels, poetry, pornography, columns and art criticism. He was also a painter. He is best known for the novels My Little War (1947), the diptych Chapel Road (1953) / Summer in Termuren (1956), Menuet (1955) and Pieter Daens (1971).

Louis Perrée

born March 25th, 1871

Louis Léonce Théophile Perrée was a French fencer who competed in the late 19th century and early 20th century. He participated in Fencing at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris and won the silver medal in the epee. He was defeated by Ramón Fonst in the final.

Louis Perrier

died May 16th, 1913

Frédéric-François-Louis Perrier was a Swiss politician and member of the Swiss Federal Council (1912–1913). As of 2009, he is the member with the shortest time in office.

Louis Philippe I, Duke of Orléans

born May 12th, 1725

Louis Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, known as le Gros, was a French royal of a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon. The First Prince of the Blood after 1752, he was the most senior male at the French court after the immediate royal family. He was the father of Philippe Égalité. He greatly augmented the already huge wealth of the House of Orléans.

Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans

born April 13th, 1747

Louis Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, was a French Prince of the Blood who supported the French Revolution, in the course of which he was executed.

Louis R. Harlan

died January 22nd, 2010

Louis Rudolph Harlan was an American academic historian who wrote a two-volume biography of the African-American educator and social leader Booker T. Washington and edited several volumes of Washington materials. He won the Bancroft Prize in 1973 and 1984, once for each volume, and the 1984 Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography for the second volume.

Louis Racine

died January 29th, 1763

Louis Racine was a French poet of the Age of the Enlightenment.

Louis Rasminsky

born February 1st, 1908

Louis Rasminsky, was the third Governor of the Bank of Canada from 1961 to 1973, succeeding James Coyne. He was succeeded by Gerald Bouey.

Louis Renault (industrialist)

born February 12th, 1877

Louis Renault was a French industrialist, one of the founders of Renault, and a pioneer of the automobile industry.

Louis Renault (jurist)

born May 21st, 1843

Louis Renault was a French jurist and educator, and the co-winner in 1907 of the Nobel Prize for Peace.
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