Nikolai Vatutin

died April 15th, 1944

Nikolai Fyodorovich Vatutin was a Soviet military commander during World War II who was responsible for many Red Army operations in the Ukrainian SSR as the commander of the Southwestern Front, and of the Voronezh Front during the Battle of Kursk. During the Soviet offensive to retake right-bank Ukraine, Vatutin led the 1st Ukrainian Front, which was responsible for the Red Army's offensives to the west and the southwest of Kiev and the eventual liberation of the city.

Nikolai Vavilov

died January 26th, 1943

Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov was a Russian and Soviet agronomist, botanist and geneticist who identified the centers of origin of cultivated plants. He devoted his life to the study and improvement of wheat, maize and other cereal crops that sustain the global population.

Nikolai von Meck

born April 28th, 1863

Nikolai Karlovich von Meck was a Russian Empire engineer and entrepreneur involved in the development of the Russian Empire during the first part of the twentieth century. He was put on trial as part of the Shakhty Trial and executed in 1929.

Nikolai Yezhov

May 1st, 1895 - February 4th, 1940

Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov was a Soviet secret police official under Joseph Stalin who was head of the NKVD from 1936 to 1938, during the height of the Great Purge. Yezhov organized mass arrests, torture and executions during the Great Purge, but he fell from Stalin's favour and was arrested, subsequently admitting in a confession to a range of anti-Soviet activity including "unfounded arrests" during the Purge. He was executed in 1940 along with others who were blamed for the Purge.

Nikolaos Georgeas

born December 27th, 1976

Nikolaos "Nikos" Georgeas is a Greek former professional footballer who played as a right-back. He is the current administrative director of AEK Athens Academy.

Nikolaos Gyzis

born March 1st, 1842

Nikolaos Gyzis was considered one of Greece's most important 19th century painters. He was most famous for his work Eros and the Painter, his first genre painting. It was auctioned in May 2006 at Bonhams in London, being last exhibited in Greece in 1928. He was the major representative of the Munich School, the major 19th-century Greek art movement.

Nikolaos Kourtidis

born April 1st, 1986

Nikolaos Kourtidis is a Greek weightlifter of Georgian origin. At age eighteen, Kourtidis made his official debut for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, representing the host nation Greece. He successfully lifted 377.5 kg in the men's middle-heavyweight category (94 kg), finishing in eleventh place.

Nikolaos Mantzaros

died April 12th, 1872

Nikolaos Chalikiopoulos Mantzaros was a Greek-Italian composer born in Corfu, major representative and founder of the so-called Ionian School of music.

Nikolaos Pappas

died April 5th, 2013

Nikolaos Pappas was a Hellenic Navy admiral who, as commander of the destroyer Velos, played a major part in the abortive rebellion of the Navy in May 1973 against the ruling military junta. After the restoration of democracy he served as chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff in 1982–1986 and Minister for Mercantile Marine in 1989–1990.

Nikolaos Platon

died March 28th, 1992

Nikolaos Platon was a renowned Greek archaeologist. He discovered the Minoan palace of Zakros on Crete.

Nikolaos Roussen

born April 25th, 1913

Nikolaos Roussen was a Greek naval officer who distinguished himself during World War II. He served in the two most successful Greek submarines of the war as executive officer and captain. He died during the suppression of the Navy mutiny in April 1944.

Nikolaos Sifounakis

born December 21st, 1949

Nikolaos Sifounakis is a Greek politician, former Minister for the Aegean and ex-member of the European Parliament (MEP). He was elected on the Panhellenic Socialist Movement ticket and sat with the Party of European Socialists group. On 23 July 2004 he was elected Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education.

Nikolas Asprogenis

born April 6th, 1986

Nikolas Asprogenous is a Cypriot former professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin

born February 16th, 1727

Nikolaus Joseph Freiherr von Jacquin was a scientist who studied medicine, chemistry and botany.

Nikolaus Pevsner

born January 30th, 1902

Sir Nikolaus Bernhard Leon Pevsner was a German-British art historian and architectural historian best known for his monumental 46-volume series of county-by-county guides, The Buildings of England (1951–74).

Nikolaus zu Dohna-Schlodien

born April 5th, 1879

Nikolaus Burggraf und Graf zu Dohna-Schlodien was a German naval officer and author.

Nikolay Bogolyubov

died February 13th, 1992

Nikolay Nikolayevich Bogolyubov, also transliterated as Bogoliubov and Bogolubov, was a Soviet and Russian mathematician and theoretical physicist known for a significant contribution to quantum field theory, classical and quantum statistical mechanics, and the theory of dynamical systems; he was the recipient of the 1992 Dirac Medal.

Nikolay Kamensky

December 27th, 1776 - May 4th, 1811

Count Nikolay Mikhailovich Kamensky was a Russian general who outlived his father, Field Marshal Mikhail Kamensky, by two years.

Nikolay Merkushkin

born February 5th, 1951

Nikolay Ivanovich Merkushkin is a Russian politician who served as Governor of Samara Oblast from 2012 to 2017 and as Head of the Republic of Mordovia from 1995 to 2012. From 24 January to 22 September 1995, he served as Chairman of the State Assembly of Mordovia.

Nikolay Przhevalsky

born April 12th, 1839

Nikolay Mikhaylovich Przhevalsky was a Russian geographer of Polish descent, and a renowned explorer of Central and East Asia.

Nikolay Semyonov

born April 15th, 1896

Nikolay Nikolayevich Semyonov , sometimes Semenov, Semionov or Semenoff was a Soviet physicist and chemist. Semyonov was awarded the 1956 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on the mechanism of chemical transformation.

Nikolay Sokolov (composer)

died March 27th, 1922

Nikolay Alexandrovich Sokolov was a Russian composer of classical music and a member of the circle that grew around the publisher Mitrofan Belyayev.

Nikolay Umov

born January 23rd, 1846

Nikolay Alekseevich Umov was a Russian physicist and mathematician known for discovering the concept of Umov-Poynting vector and Umov effect.

Nikolay Yakovlevich Sonin

born February 22nd, 1849

Nikolay Yakovlevich Sonin was a Russian mathematician.

Nikolay Zabolotsky

born May 7th, 1903

Nikolay Alekseyevich Zabolotsky was a prominent Soviet and Russian poet and translator.

Nikolay Zelinsky

born February 6th, 1861

Nikolay Dmitriyevich Zelinsky was a Russian and Soviet chemist. Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union (1929).

Nikolay Zinin

died February 18th, 1880

Nikolay Nikolaevich Zinin was a Russian organic chemist.

Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou

born March 21st, 1986

Nikoleta 'Nikol' Kyriakopoulou is a Greek pole vaulter. Nikoleta was 8th at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. She also won the bronze medal at the World Championships in Beijing in 2015 jumping 4.80m. During the 2015 season, she set five Greek records raising the bar to 4,83 meters. The same year, she became the first Greek athlete to win the IAAF Diamond League.

Nikolis Apostolis

died April 6th, 1827

Nikolis Apostolis was a Greek naval commander, leader of the Psarian fleet during the Greek War of Independence.

Nikoloz Tskitishvili

born April 14th, 1983

Nikoloz Tskitishvili is a Georgian former professional basketball player. At 7 feet tall, he played as forward-center. Tskitishvili was selected fifth overall by the Denver Nuggets in the 2002 NBA draft. He also played for the senior Georgian national basketball team.

Nikos Aliagas

born May 13th, 1969

Nikos Aliagas is a Greek-French journalist and entertainer, known for being the host of the French reality program Star Academy and The Voice – La plus belle voix.

Nikos Anastopoulos

born January 22nd, 1958

Nikos Anastopoulos is a Greek former footballer who was one the most prolific strikers in the Greek league during the 1980s and widely regarded as one of the best strikers in the history of Greek football. With 29 goals he is the all-time top scorer for the Greece national football team. He is considered one of the greatest players in Olympiacos history, where he scored 159 goals in 291 official games for the Greek powerhouse and won the Bronze Boot as the third scorer in Europe in the 1982–83 season. Since retiring as a player he has become a football manager. The most recent club that he worked a manager is Super League 2 club Kalamata.
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