Noah Reid

born May 29th, 1987

Noah Nicholas Reid (born May 29, 1987) is a Canadian voice, stage, and screen actor; and musician. He has performed in several films and television series, including Franklin and the CBC comedy Schitt's Creek. In 2016, he received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Original Song for his work in the feature film People Hold On. In 2019, he received a Canadian Screen Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy for his work on Schitt's Creek.

Noah Rubin (tennis)

born February 21st, 1996

Noah Rubin is an American professional tennis player. He is a former Wimbledon junior singles champion, and a former USTA junior national champion in both singles and doubles. After turning pro in 2015, he won four ATP Challenger titles.

Noam Zylberman

born June 30th, 1973

Noam Zylberman (born June 30, 1973) is an Israeli-born Canadian voice actor.

Noboru Ishiguro

died March 20th, 2012

Noboru Ishiguro was a Japanese animator best known for directing the anime series Space Battleship Yamato II, Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Century Orguss, Humanoid Monster Bem, Megazone 23 - Part I, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and Tytania.

Noboru Takeshita

born February 26th, 1924

Noboru Takeshita was a Japanese politician who served as Prime Minister of Japan from 1987 to 1989 during the bubble economy.

Noboru Yamaguchi (author)

died April 4th, 2013

Noboru Yamaguchi was a Japanese light novel and game scenario author from Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. He was well known for being the author of The Familiar of Zero light novels and visual novels by Frontwing.

Nobu McCarthy

November 13th, 1934 - April 6th, 2002

Nobu McCarthy (Japanese: ノブ・マッカーシー, born Nobu Atsumi (渥美 延); November 13, 1934 – April 6, 2002) was a Japanese Canadian actress, fashion model, and stage director. She received a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead for her performance in the film The Wash.

Nobuaki Kakuda

born April 11th, 1961

Nobuaki Kakuda is a retired karateka and kickboxer and former K-1 Head referee.

Nobuhiko Matsunaka

born December 26th, 1973

Nobuhiko Matsunaka is a former left fielder and designated hitter for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks.

Nobuhiko Takada

born April 12th, 1962

Nobuhiko Takada is a Japanese former mixed martial artist, retired professional wrestler, actor, and writer. He competed in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) and the Union of Wrestling Forces International (UWFI) in the 1980s and 1990s, becoming one of the highest figures of the "shoot-style" movement.

Nobuko Miyamoto

born March 27th, 1945

Nobuko Miyamoto (宮本 信子, Miyamoto Nobuko, born March 27, 1945) is a Japanese actress. She was born in Otaru, Hokkaidō, and raised in Nagoya. She was married to director Juzo Itami from 1969 until his death in 1997, and regularly starred in his films. She has been nominated for eight Best Actress Japanese Academy Awards, winning in 1988 for her role in A Taxing Woman.

Nobunari Oda

born March 25th, 1987

Nobunari Oda is a Japanese competitive figure skater. He is the 2006 Four Continents champion, a four-time Grand Prix Final medalist, the 2005 World Junior champion and the 2008 Japanese national champion.

Nobuo Uematsu

born March 21st, 1959

Nobuo Uematsu is a Japanese composer and keyboardist best known for his contributions to the Final Fantasy video game series by Square Enix. A self-taught musician, he began playing the piano at the age of twelve, with English singer-songwriter Elton John as one of his biggest influences.

Nobuyoshi Kuwano

born April 4th, 1957

Nobuyoshi Kuwano is a Japanese television performer, former member of Rats & Star. His nickname is "Kuwa-man" (桑マン). In Rats & Star, he took charge of the trumpet and vocals. After the group broke up, he shifted to a television comedian and co-starred with The Drifters' Ken Shimura and Masashi Tashiro. He took over as lead vocalist of Rats & Star during Masayuki Suzuki's solo concert tour.

Nocturno Culto

born March 4th, 1972

Ted Arvid Skjellum, also known by the stage name Nocturno Culto, is a Norwegian musician and school teacher best known as the vocalist, lead guitarist, and partial bassist of the influential black metal band Darkthrone. He has been with the band since 1988. He is also the vocalist of the band Sarke, and has a solo project called Gift of Gods. He currently works in Norway as a school teacher, and has a son and a daughter. He has also released a documentary film called The Misanthrope in which he deals with black metal music and life in Norway.

Nodar Kumaritashvili

died February 12th, 2010

Nodar Kumaritashvili was a Georgian luge athlete who suffered a fatal crash during a training run for the 2010 Winter Olympics competition in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, on the day of the opening ceremony. He became the fourth athlete to die during preparations for a Winter Olympics, and the eighth athlete to die as a result of Olympic competition or during practice at their sport’s venue at an Olympic Games.

Noe Khomeriki

born January 1st, 1883

Noe Khomeriki was a Georgian politician involved in the Social Democrat movement who was arrested for anti-soviet activity and shot during an uprising against the Soviet state.

Noé Pamarot

born April 14th, 1979

Noé Elias Pamarot is a French former professional footballer who played as a central defender. Before moving to Spain, Pamarot played for Portsmouth in the Premier League. He is a right-footed defender who is also known for his great strength. Pamarot has previously played for Martigues, Nice and Tottenham Hotspur and also had a brief loan spell at Portsmouth in the 1999–2000 season.

Noel Brotherston

died May 6th, 1995

Noel Brotherston was an international footballer for Northern Ireland.

Noël Chabanel

born February 2nd, 1613

Noël Chabanel was a Jesuit missionary at Sainte-Marie among the Hurons, and one of the Canadian Martyrs.

Noel Clarke

born December 6th, 1975

Noel Anthony Clarke (born 6 December 1975) is a British actor, screenwriter, director and comic book writer. Rising to prominence for playing Mickey Smith in Doctor Who (2005–2010), he played Sam in the films Kidulthood (2006), Adulthood (2008) and Brotherhood (2016), which he also wrote and directed. He played Aaron Bishop in the TV series Bulletproof (2018–2021), which he also wrote and produced. In 2015, Clarke founded the company Unstoppable Film and Television with friend and fellow actor Jason Maza, and they have written, directed and starred in several productions.

Noël Coward

died March 26th, 1973

Sir Noël Peirce Coward was an English playwright, composer, director, actor, and singer, known for his wit, flamboyance, and what Time magazine called "a sense of personal style, a combination of cheek and chic, pose and poise".

Noël Coypel

December 25th, 1628 - December 24th, 1707

Noël Coypel was a French painter, and was also called Coypel le Poussin, because he was heavily influenced by Poussin.

Noel Fisher

born March 13th, 1984

Noel Roeim Fisher (born March 13, 1984) is a Canadian actor. He is known for his portrayal of Mickey Milkovich on the Showtime series Shameless, as well as his portrayal of Cael Malloy on the FX series The Riches. He played Ellison "Cotton Top" Mounts in the Emmy Award-winning miniseries Hatfields & McCoys as well as Vladimir, a 1,500-year-old vampire in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and its sequel Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and X-Men: Evolution where he voiced the character Todd “Toad” Tolansky. He also has had roles in shows such as Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, Lie to Me, Bones, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Noël François de Wailly

died April 7th, 1801

Noël François de Wailly was a French grammarian and lexicographer.

Noel Gay

died March 4th, 1954

Noel Gay was born Reginald Moxon Armitage. He also used the name Stanley Hill professionally. He was a successful British composer of popular music of the 1930s and 1940s whose output comprised 45 songs as well as the music for 28 films and 26 London shows. Sheridan Morley has commented that he was "the closest Britain ever came to a local Irving Berlin". He is best known for the musical, Me and My Girl.

Noel Goldthorpe

born December 25th, 1969

Noel Goldthorpe is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played in the halves in the 1990s. He played most of his career for the St George Dragons. Goldthorpe also played for the Western Suburbs Magpies, Hunter Mariners, Adelaide Rams and the North Queensland Cowboys, whom he captained.

Noel Harrison

January 29th, 1934 - October 19th, 2013

Noel John Christopher Harrison (29 January 1934 – 19 October 2013) was an English actor and singer who had a hit singing "The Windmills of Your Mind" in 1968, and was a member of the British Olympic skiing team in the 1950s. He was the son of the actor Rex Harrison.

Noel Hunt

born December 26th, 1982

Noel Hunt is an Irish footballer manager and former professional footballer who most recently was interim manager of Reading.

Noël Leslie, Countess of Rothes

born December 25th, 1878

Lucy Noël Martha Leslie, Countess of Rothes was a British philanthropist and social leader. She was seen as a heroine of the Titanic disaster, famous for taking the tiller of her lifeboat and later helping row the craft to the safety of the rescue ship Carpathia. The countess was for many years a popular figure in London society, known for her blonde beauty, bright personality, graceful dancing and the diligence with which she helped organise lavish entertainments patronised by British royalty and members of the nobility. She was long involved in charity work throughout the U.K., most notably assisting the Red Cross with fundraising and as a nurse for the Coulter Hospital in London during the First World War. Lady Rothes was also a leading benefactor of the Queen Victoria School and The Chelsea Hospital for Women, known today as Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital.

Noel Neill

November 25th, 1920 - July 3rd, 2016

Noel Darleen Neill (November 25, 1920 – July 3, 2016) was an American actress. She played Lois Lane in the film serials Superman (1948) and Atom Man vs. Superman (1950), as well as the 1950s television series Adventures of Superman. She appeared in 80 films and television series in her career.

Noel Odell

born December 25th, 1890

Noel Ewart Odell FRSE FGS was an English geologist and mountaineer. In 1924 he was an oxygen officer on the Everest expedition in which George Mallory and Andrew Irvine famously perished during their summit attempt. Odell spent two weeks living above 23,000 feet (7,000 m), and twice climbed to 26,800 feet (8,200 m) and higher, all without supplemental oxygen. In 1936 Noel Odell with Bill Tilman climbed Nanda Devi, at the time the highest mountain climbed.
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