Pierre Bourgault

born January 23rd, 1934

Pierre Bourgault was a politician and essayist, as well as an actor and journalist, from Quebec, Canada. He is most famous as a public speaker who advocated sovereignty for Quebec from Canada.

Pierre Bouvier

born May 9th, 1979

Pierre Charles Bouvier is a Canadian singer and musician best known for being the lead vocalist and studio bassist of the rock band Simple Plan.

Pierre Brassard

born April 24th, 1966

Pierre Brassard is a French-Canadian actor, comedian, television personality, and radio broadcaster. He is associated with CKOI-FM in Montreal and known for his phone call hoaxes.

Pierre Brasseur

born December 22nd, 1905

Pierre Brasseur, born Pierre-Albert Espinasse, was a French actor.

Pierre Bretonneau

born April 3rd, 1778

Pierre-Fidèle Bretonneau was a French medical doctor.

Pierre Brissaud

born December 23rd, 1885

Pierre Brissaud was a French Art Deco illustrator, painter, and engraver. He was born in Paris and trained at the École des Beaux-Arts and Atelier Fernand Cormon in Montmartre, Paris. His father was Dr. Édouard Brissaud, a student of Dr. Jean-Martin Charcot. His fellow students at Cormon were his brother Jacques, André-Édouard Marty, Charles Martin, and Georges Lepape. Students at the workshop drew, painted and designed wallpaper, furniture and posters. Earlier, Toulouse-Lautrec, van Gogh, and Henri Matisse had studied and worked there. Pierre's older brother Jacques Brissaud was a portrait and genre painter and his uncle Maurice Boutet de Monvel illustrated the fables of La Fontaine, songbooks for children and a life of Joan of Arc. A first cousin was the celebrated artist and celebrity portrait painter Bernard Boutet de Monvel.

Pierre Cardin

died December 29th, 2020

Pierre Cardin, born Pietro Costante Cardin, was an Italian-born naturalised-French fashion designer. He is known for what were his avant-garde style and Space Age designs. He preferred geometric shapes and motifs, often ignoring the female form. He advanced into unisex fashions, sometimes experimental, and not always practical. He founded his fashion house in 1950 and introduced the "bubble dress" in 1954.

Pierre Carl Ouellet

born December 30th, 1967

Carl Joseph Yvon Ouellet is a Canadian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, PCO. He is currently signed to Impact Wrestling, where he is a former member of the Honor No More stable.

Pierre Carles

born April 2nd, 1962

Pierre Carles is a French documentarist, who has often been compared to Michael Moore for his use of the documentary form to denounce mainstream media, which he accuses of having conflicts of interest ·.

Pierre Claude Nolin

died April 23rd, 2015

Pierre Claude Nolin was a Canadian politician and senator. A prominent member of the Conservative Party of Canada from 2004 until his death, he became an influential figure in the Party's parliamentary caucus.

Pierre Clostermann

died March 22nd, 2006

Pierre-Henri Clostermann was a World War II French ace fighter pilot.

Pierre Collin

born July 18th, 1938


Pierre Curie

May 15th, 1859 - April 19th, 1906

Pierre Curie was a French physicist, a pioneer in crystallography, magnetism, piezoelectricity, and radioactivity. In 1903, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics with his wife, Marie Skłodowska–Curie, and Henri Becquerel, "in recognition of the extraordinary services they have rendered by their joint researches on the radiation phenomena discovered by Professor Henri Becquerel". With their win, the Curies became the first ever married couple to win the Nobel Prize, launching the Curie family legacy of five Nobel Prizes.

Pierre Curzi

born February 11th, 1946

Pierre Curzi (born February 11, 1946 in Montreal, Quebec) is an actor, screenwriter and politician in Quebec. He is a former Member of the National Assembly of Quebec (MNA) for the riding of Borduas in the Montérégie region south of Montreal. Elected under the Parti Québécois (PQ) banner, he later sat as an independent.

Pierre Cuypers

born May 16th, 1827

Petrus Josephus Hubertus "Pierre" Cuypers was a Dutch architect. His name is most frequently associated with the Amsterdam Central Station (1881–1889) and the Rijksmuseum (1876–1885), both in Amsterdam. More representative for his oeuvre, however, are numerous churches, of which he designed more than 100. Moreover, he restored many monuments.

Pierre Dagenais

born March 4th, 1978

Pierre Brüno Dagenais is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player who most notably played in the National Hockey League (NHL). He last played for the Akwesasne Warriors of the Federal Hockey League.

Pierre Darmon

born January 14th, 1934

Pierre Darmon is a French former tennis player. He was ranked No.8 in the world in 1963, and also reached the top ten in 1958 and 1964.

Pierre de Bérulle

born February 4th, 1575

Pierre de Bérulle was a French Catholic priest, cardinal and statesman in 17th-century France. He was the founder of the French school of spirituality, who could count among his disciples Vincent de Paul and Francis de Sales, although both developed significantly different spiritual theologies.

Pierre de Coubertin

born January 1st, 1863

Charles Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin, also known as Pierre de Coubertin and Baron de Coubertin, was a French educator and historian, co-founder of the International Olympic Committee, and its second president. He is known as the father of the modern Olympic Games. He was particularly active in promoting the introduction of sport in French schools.

Pierre de Marivaux

February 4th, 1688 - February 12th, 1763

Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux, commonly referred to as Marivaux, was a French playwright and novelist.

Pierre de Montreuil

died March 17th, 1267

Pierre de Montreuil was a French architect. The name formerly given to him by architectural historians, Peter of Montereau, is a misnomer. It was based on his tombstone inscription Musterolo natus, a place name that was mistakenly identified as Montereau rather than Montreuil.

Pierre Duchesne

born February 27th, 1940

Pierre Duchesne was the 28th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec and former secretary general of the National Assembly of Quebec. As lieutenant governor he was the viceregal representative of Queen Elizabeth II of Canada in the Province of Quebec. His appointment was made by Governor General of Canada Michaëlle Jean, on the Constitutional advice of Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, and announced on May 18, 2007.

Pierre Fabre (businessman)

born April 16th, 1926

Pierre Jacques Louis Fabre was a French pharmaceutical and cosmetics executive and pharmacist, who founded Laboratoires Pierre Fabre in 1962. Fabre, a rugby enthusiast, was also the owner of Castres Olympique, a French rugby union club based in the city of Castres.

Pierre Falardeau

born December 28th, 1946

Pierre Falardeau was a Québécois film and documentary director, pamphleteer and noted activist for Quebec independence.

Pierre Fatou

born February 28th, 1878

Pierre Joseph Louis Fatou was a French mathematician and astronomer. He is known for major contributions to several branches of analysis. The Fatou lemma and the Fatou set are named after him.

Pierre François Verhulst

died February 15th, 1849

Pierre François Verhulst was a Belgian mathematician and a doctor in number theory from the University of Ghent in 1825. He is best known for the logistic growth model.

Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix

died February 1st, 1761

Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix, S.J. was a French Jesuit priest, traveller, and historian, often considered the first historian of New France.

Pierre Fresnay

born April 4th, 1897

Pierre Fresnay was a French stage and film actor.

Pierre Fulke

born February 21st, 1971

Pierre Olof Fulke is a Swedish professional golfer who played on the European Tour.

Pierre Gamarra

died May 20th, 2009

Pierre Gamarra was a French poet, novelist and literary critic, a long-time chief editor and director of the literary magazine Europe.Gamarra is best known for his poems and novels for the youth and for narrative and poetical works deeply rooted in his native region of Midi-Pyrénées.

Pierre Gasly

born February 7th, 1996

Pierre Jean-Jacques Gasly is a French racing driver currently competing in Formula One for Alpine. He won the 2016 GP2 Series championship, and finished as runner-up in the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 Series and the 2017 Super Formula Championship.

Pierre Gaspard Chaumette

died April 13th, 1793

Pierre Gaspard Anaxagore Chaumette was a French politician of the Revolutionary period who served as the president of the Paris Commune and played a leading role in the establishment of the Reign of Terror. He was one of the ultra-radical enragés of the revolution, an ardent critic of Christianity who was one of the leaders of the dechristianization of France. His radical positions resulted in his alienation from Maximilien Robespierre, and he was arrested and executed.
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