Siegfried Bettmann

born April 18th, 1863

Siegfried Bettmann was a bicycle, motorcycle and car manufacturer and initiator of the Triumph Motorcycle Company. In 1914 he established the Annie Bettmann Foundation to help young people start businesses. Triumph became one of the most famous motorcycle trade-names in the world. Bettmann was also Mayor of Coventry from 1913-1914.

Siegfried Buback

born January 3rd, 1920

Siegfried Buback was the Attorney General of West Germany from 1974 until his murder in 1977.

Siegfried Handloser

born March 25th, 1895

Siegfried Adolf Handloser was a Nazi physician and convicted war criminal, convicted for overseeing medical atrocities at concentration camps.

Siegfried I the Elder, Count of Walbeck

died March 15th, 0990

Siegfried I the Elder, Count of Walbeck and Möckerngau, son of Lothar II the Old, Count of Walbeck, and Mathilde von Arneburg.

Siegfried I, Count of Sponheim

died February 7th, 1065

Siegfried I is considered the progenitor of the Carinthian ducal House of Sponheim (Spanheimer) and all of its lateral branches, including the Counts of Lebenau and the Counts of Ortenburg. He is documented as Count of Sponheim from 1044 and served as margrave of the Hungarian March in 1045/46 and as count in the Puster Valley and the Lavant Valley from 1048 until his death.

Siegfried Lenz

born March 17th, 1926

Siegfried Lenz was a German writer of novels, short stories and essays, as well as dramas for radio and the theatre. In 2000 he received the Goethe Prize on the 250th Anniversary of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's birth. He won the 2010 International Nonino Prize in Italy.

Siegfried Ludwig

died April 16th, 2013

Siegfried Ludwig was an Austrian politician and Governor of Lower Austria from 1981 to 1992.

Siegfried Rauch

died March 11th, 2018

Siegfried Rauch was a German film and television actor. In a career spanning over 60 years, he appeared in several international film productions and had leading roles in numerous German television productions.

Siegmund Lubin

born April 20th, 1851

Siegmund Lubin was an American motion picture pioneer who founded the Lubin Manufacturing Company (1902–1917) of Philadelphia.

Siegmund Nimsgern

born January 14th, 1940

Siegmund Nimsgern is a German bass-baritone, born in Sankt Wendel, Saarland, Germany.

Siem de Jong

born January 28th, 1989

Siem Stefan de Jong is a Dutch former professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder or striker.

Sienna Guillory

born March 16th, 1975

Sienna Tiggy Guillory is an English actress and former model. She portrayed Jill Valentine in several entries of the Resident Evil action-horror film series. Other prominent roles include elf princess Arya Dröttningu in the fantasy-adventure film Eragon, and the title role in the TV miniseries Helen of Troy. She has appeared in TV shows including Fortitude, Stan Lee's Lucky Man, and Luther.

Sienna Miller

born December 28th, 1981

Sienna Rose Diana Miller is a British and American actress. Born in New York City and raised in London, she began her career as a photography model, appearing in the pages of Italian Vogue and for the 2003 Pirelli calendar. Her acting breakthrough came in the 2004 films Layer Cake and Alfie. She subsequently portrayed socialite Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl (2006) and author Caitlin Macnamara in The Edge of Love (2008), and was nominated for the 2008 BAFTA Rising Star Award. Her role as The Baroness in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) was followed by a brief sabbatical from the screen amid increased tabloid scrutiny.

Sierra Boggess

born May 20th, 1982

Sierra Marjory Boggess (/ˈbɒɡɪs/; born May 20, 1982) is an American theater actress and singer. She is best known for originating the role of Ariel in The Little Mermaid on Broadway, and for her multiple appearances as Christine Daaé in The Phantom of the Opera. She began by playing the role in the Las Vegas production of Phantom in 2006. In 2010, she reprised the role of Christine Daaé in the original London version of Love Never Dies, which continues the story of Phantom, opposite West End / Broadway actor Ramin Karimloo as the Phantom. She also played the role in the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera in 2013. She also originated the role of Rosalie Mullins in School of Rock, 2016.

Sierra McClain

born March 16th, 1994

Sierra Aylina McClain (born March 16, 1994) is an American actress and singer. As an actress, she was first recognized for her role as Sierra in Daddy's Little Girls (2007). She had her breakthrough as Nessa Parker in Empire (2016–2018), and is also best known for starring as Tanya Clifton in the television series Mindhunter (2019). Her film roles have included starring as Tosha in the films Honey: Rise Up and Dance (2018), and as Carina in Shrink (2009). She is currently starring as Grace Ryder in 9-1-1: Lone Star (2020–present).

Sierra McCormick

born October 28th, 1997

Sierra McCormick (born October 28, 1997) is an American actress. She first became known for participating on the game show Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (2007–2008) before making her acting debut with a recurring role as Lilith on the television series Supernatural (2008). She also starred as Scout Thomas on the comedy television series Romantically Challenged (2010), played Alice in the direct-to-DVD film Spooky Buddies (2011), for which she won a Young Artist Award, and received recognition for her role as Susan Kushner in the comedy film Ramona and Beezus (2010).

Sig Ruman

died February 14th, 1967

Siegfried Carl Alban Rumann, billed as Sig Ruman and Sig Rumann, was a German-American character actor known for his portrayals of pompous and often stereotypically Teutonic officials or villains in more than 100 films.

Sigbert Josef Maria Ganser

born January 24th, 1853

Sigbert Josef Maria Ganser was a German psychiatrist born in Rhaunen.

Sigfrid Edström

died March 18th, 1964

Johannes Sigfrid Edström was a Swedish industrialist, chairman of the Sweden-America Foundation, and 4th President of the International Olympic Committee.

Sigismond Thalberg

born January 8th, 1812

Sigismond Thalberg was an Austrian composer and one of the most distinguished virtuoso pianists of the 19th century.

Sigismondo d'India

died April 19th, 1629

Sigismondo d'India was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras. He was one of the most accomplished contemporaries of Monteverdi, and wrote music in many of the same forms as the more famous composer.

Sigismondo Savona

born March 12th, 1835

Sigismondo Savona was a Maltese educator and politician who played a prominent role in the Language Question which defined the politics of the Crown Colony of Malta in the late 19th century.

Sigismund Báthory

died March 27th, 1613

Sigismund Báthory was Prince of Transylvania several times between 1586 and 1602, and Duke of Racibórz and Opole in Silesia in 1598. His father, Christopher Báthory, ruled Transylvania as voivode of the absent prince, Stephen Báthory. Sigismund was still a child when the Diet of Transylvania elected him voivode at his dying father's request in 1581. Initially, regency councils administered Transylvania on his behalf, but Stephen Báthory made János Ghyczy the sole regent in 1585. Sigismund adopted the title of prince after Stephen Báthory died.

Sigismund I the Old

January 1st, 1467 - April 1st, 1548

Sigismund I the Old was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1506 until his death in 1548. Sigismund I was a member of the Jagiellonian dynasty, the son of Casimir IV and younger brother of Kings John I Albert and Alexander I Jagiellon. He was nicknamed "the Old" in later historiography to distinguish him from his son and successor, Sigismund II Augustus. Before ascending to the Polish and Lithuanian thrones, he was Duke of Głogów from 1499, Duke of Opava from 1501, and governor of Silesia from 1504 on behalf of his brother, King Vladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary.

Sigismund III Vasa

died April 30th, 1632

Sigismund III Vasa was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1587 to 1632 and, as Sigismund, King of Sweden and Grand Duke of Finland from 1592 to 1599. He was the first Polish sovereign from the House of Vasa. Religiously zealous, he imposed Roman Catholicism across the vast realm, and his crusades against neighbouring states marked Poland's largest territorial expansion. As an enlightened despot, he presided over an era of prosperity and achievement, further distinguished by the transfer of the country's capital from Kraków to Warsaw.

Sigismund Kęstutaitis

died March 20th, 1440

Sigismund Kęstutaitis was the Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1432 to 1440. Sigismund was his baptismal name, while his pagan Lithuanian birth name is unknown. He was the son of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Kęstutis and his wife Birutė.

Sigismund von Herberstein

died March 28th, 1566

Siegmund (Sigismund) Freiherr von Herberstein was a Carniolan diplomat, writer, historian and member of the Holy Roman Empire Imperial Council. He was most noted for his extensive writing on the geography, history and customs of Russia, and contributed greatly to early Western European knowledge of that area.

Sigismund, Archduke of Austria

died March 4th, 1496

Sigismund, a member of the House of Habsburg, was Duke of Austria from 1439 until his death. As a scion of the Habsburg Leopoldian line, he ruled over Further Austria and the County of Tyrol from 1446 until his resignation in 1490.

Sigismund, Duke of Bavaria

died February 1st, 1501

Sigismund of Bavaria was a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty. He ruled as Duke of Bavaria-Munich from 1460 to 1467, and then as Duke of Bavaria-Dachau until his death.

Sigmar Polke

born February 13th, 1941

Sigmar Polke was a German painter and photographer.

Sigmund Exner

born April 5th, 1846

Sigmund Exner was an Austrian physiologist born in Vienna.

Sigmund Freud

born May 6th, 1856

Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, a clinical method for evaluating and treating pathologies seen as originating from conflicts in the psyche, through dialogue between patient and psychoanalyst, and the distinctive theory of mind and human agency derived from it.
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