Salome Bey

October 10th, 1933 - August 8th, 2020

Salome Bey CM (October 10, 1933 – August 8, 2020) was an American-born Canadian singer-songwriter, composer, and actress who lived in Toronto, Ontario, since 1966. In 2005, she was made an honorary Member of the Order of Canada. In 2022 she was honoured by Canada Post with a commemorative postage stamp for her contributions to Canadian music and theatre.

Salomon Schweigger

born March 30th, 1551

Salomon Schweigger was a German Lutheran theologian, minister, anthropologist and orientalist of the 16th century. He provided a valuable insight during his travels in the Balkans, Constantinople and the Middle East, and published a famous travel book of his exploits. He also published the first German language translation of the Qur'an.


April 26th, 1950 - October 15th, 2010

Zohra Begum, better known as Saloni (Urdu: 26 April سالونا; 1950 – 15 October 2010), was a Pakistani film actress of the late 1960s, and early 1970s. She remained a successful actress and gave numerous successful films.

Salt Walther

died December 27th, 2012

David "Salt" Walther was a driver in the USAC and CART Championship Car series. He also drove NASCAR stock cars and unlimited hydroplane boats, and was a car owner in USAC. Walther is best remembered for a crash at the start of the 1973 Indianapolis 500 that left him critically injured. He recovered from his injuries, returned in 1974, and placed 9th in the 1976 race. He also co-drove a car with Bob Harkey to 10th place in 1975.

Salvador Dalí

May 11th, 1904 - January 23rd, 1989

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquess of Dalí of Púbol, known as Salvador Dalí, was a Spanish surrealist artist renowned for his technical skill, precise draftsmanship, and the striking and bizarre images in his work.

Salvador Elizondo

born December 19th, 1932

Salvador Elizondo Alcalde was a Mexican writer of the 60s Generation of Mexican literature.

Salvador Espriu

died February 22nd, 1985

Salvador Espriu i Castelló was a Catalan poet from Spain.

Salvador Jorge Blanco

died December 26th, 2010

José Salvador Omar Jorge Blanco was a politician, lawyer and a writer. He was President of the Dominican Republic, from 1982 to 1986. He was a Senator running for the PRD party. He started his political career as a Committee Secretary for the Unión Cívica de Santiago in 1963 and joined the PRD in 1964.

Salvador Laurel

died January 27th, 2004

Salvador Roman Hidalgo Laurel, also known as Doy Laurel, was a Filipino lawyer and politician who served as the vice president of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992 under President Corazon Aquino and briefly served as the last prime minister from February 25 to March 25, 1986, when the position was abolished. He was a major leader of the United Nationalist Democratic Organization (UNIDO), the political party that helped topple the regime of President Ferdinand Marcos with the 1986 People Power Revolution.

Salvador Luria

died February 6th, 1991

Salvador Edward Luria was an Italian microbiologist, later a naturalized U.S. citizen. He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1969, with Max Delbrück and Alfred Hershey, for their discoveries on the replication mechanism and the genetic structure of viruses. Salvador Luria also showed that bacterial resistance to viruses (phages) is genetically inherited.

Salvador Lutteroth

born March 21st, 1897

Salvador Lutteroth González was a Mexican professional wrestling promoter of the mid-twentieth century. Lutteroth's organization, Empresa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (EMLL), was the dominant Mexican wrestling promotional enterprise from its founding in 1933 until Lutteroth left the company in the 1950s. Under its current name of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), it is, to date, the longest-running active professional wrestling promotion in the world presenting three weekly shows. Lutteroth was known as the "father of lucha libre," and, in his position as promoter and booker of the dominant promotion, was the most powerful man in Mexican wrestling, and one of the most powerful wrestling executives in the world. He was, in large part, responsible for the widespread fame of the most famous Mexican professional wrestlers of the mid-twentieth century, such as Octavio Gaona, the first Mexican wrestler to win the middleweight championship of the world by defeating Gus Kallio, Carlos Tarzán L...

Salvador Pérez

born May 10th, 1990

Salvador Johan Pérez Díaz, nicknamed "El Nino" and "Salvy", is a Venezuelan-American professional baseball catcher for the Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball (MLB). He is an eight-time MLB All-Star, five-time Gold Glove Award winner, and received the World Series Most Valuable Player Award when the Royals won the 2015 World Series over the New York Mets. On the international level, he represents the Venezuelan national team.

Salvator Rosa

died March 15th, 1673

Salvator Rosa (1615–1673) is best known today as an Italian Baroque painter, whose romanticized landscapes and history paintings, often set in dark and untamed nature, exerted considerable influence from the 17th century into the early 19th century. In his lifetime he was among the most famous painters, known for his flamboyant personality, and regarded as an accomplished poet, satirist, actor, musician, and printmaker, as well. He was active in Naples, Rome, and Florence, where on occasion he was compelled to move between cities, as his caustic satire earned him enemies in the artistic and intellectual circles of the day.

Salvatore Di Giacomo

died April 5th, 1934

Salvatore Di Giacomo was an Italian poet, songwriter, playwright and fascist, one of the signatories to the Manifesto of the Fascist Intellectuals.

Salvatore Sirigu

born January 12th, 1987

Salvatore Sirigu is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Ligue 1 club Nice.

Salvon Ahmed

born December 30th, 1998

Salvon Ahmed (born December 30, 1998) is an American football running back for the Miami Dolphins of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Washington.

Sam Aiken

born December 14th, 1980

Samuel Aiken (born December 14, 1980) is a former American football wide receiver. He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL Draft. He played college football at North Carolina. He also played for the New England Patriots and Cleveland Browns.

Sam B. Hall Jr.

January 11th, 1924 - April 10th, 1994

Samuel Blakeley Hall Jr. was an American lawyer, politician, and judge. He was a member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas's 1st congressional district from 1976 to 1985 and a United States district judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas from 1985 until his death in 1994.

Sam Backo

born January 1st, 1961

Sam Backo is an Australian former professional rugby league footballer who played as a prop in the 1980s and 1990s.

Sam Baker

November 12th, 1930 - June 5th, 2007

Loris Hoskins Baker (November 12, 1930 – June 5, 2007), was an American football player in the National Football League for the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. While he played several positions, he was best known for being a punter and kicker. He played college football at Oregon State University.

Sam Baldock

born March 15th, 1989

Samuel Edward Thomas Baldock is an English former professional footballer who last played as a striker for Oxford United. He also played for Milton Keynes Dons, West Ham United, Bristol City, Brighton & Hove Albion, Reading, Derby County and made two appearances for England U20.

Sam Bankman-Fried

born March 5th, 1992

Samuel Benjamin Bankman-Fried, or SBF, is an American entrepreneur who was convicted of fraud and related crimes in November 2023. Bankman-Fried founded the FTX cryptocurrency exchange and was celebrated as a "poster boy" for crypto. At the peak of his success, he was ranked the 41st-richest American in the Forbes 400.

Sam Bockarie

died May 5th, 2003

Samuel Sam Bockarie, widely known as Mosquito, was a Sierra Leonean politician and army commander who served as a leader of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). Bockarie was infamous during the Sierra Leone Civil War for his brutal tactics, which included amputation, mutilation, and rape. He earned the nickname "Mosquito" for his ability to attack when his enemies were off-guard, mainly during the night. During his service in the RUF, he befriended future Liberian president Charles Taylor, and RUF commander Foday Sankoh. When Sankoh was imprisoned from March 1997 until April 1999, Bockarie served as commander of the RUF in his place.

Sam Bowens

March 23rd, 1938 - March 28th, 2003

Samuel Edward Bowens (March 23, 1938 – March 28, 2003) was a backup outfielder in Major League Baseball who played for the Baltimore Orioles (1963–1967) and Washington Senators (1968–1969). Bowens batted and threw right-handed. He was born in Wilmington, North Carolina. During his playing career he was considered to have one of the strongest throwing arms in the league, however knee injuries and drinking problems cut his career short. He was named "one of the nicest people I have ever met" by former teammate Wally Bunker.

Sam Bowie

born March 17th, 1961

Samuel Paul Bowie is an American former professional basketball player. A national sensation in high school and outstanding collegian and Olympic team member, Bowie's professional promise was undermined by repeated injuries to his legs and feet. In spite of the setbacks, the 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m) and 235 lb (107 kg) center played ten seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Sam Brenner

born April 27th, 1990

Samuel Callaghan Brenner (born April 27, 1990 in Oceanside, California) is a former American football center. He was originally signed by the Miami Dolphins as an undrafted free agent in 2013. Brenner played college football at Utah.

Sam Bumatay

born February 12th, 1999

Sam Bumatay (born February 12, 1999) is a Filipino actress. She was the Ultimate Female Survivor winner in Starstruck Kids, a reality-based talent search show in the Philippines, aired by GMA. She is now studying in University of Santo Tomas.

Sam Chatmon

died February 2nd, 1983

Sam Chatmon was a Delta blues guitarist and singer. He was a member of the Mississippi Sheiks. He may have been Charley Patton's half-brother.

Sam Chui

born November 7th, 1980

Sam Chui (/ˈtʃuːiː/; Chinese: 崔佳星; born 7 November 1980) is a Chinese-born Australian aviation and travel vlogger, photographer, and author. He has written four books including Air1, Air2, Air 3, and Air747. Chui is also a YouTube content creator.

Sam Claflin

born June 27th, 1986

Samuel George Claflin (born 27 June 1986) is an English actor. After graduating from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2009, he began his acting career on television and had his first film role as Philip Swift in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011).

Sam Cooke

born January 22nd, 1931

Samuel Cook, known professionally as Sam Cooke, was an American singer and songwriter. Considered one of the most influential soul artists of all time, Cooke is commonly referred to as the "King of Soul" for his distinctive vocals, pioneering contributions to the genre, and significance in popular music.

Sam Coppola

died February 5th, 2012

Sam Coppola was an American actor. He appeared in almost 70 films, beginning in 1968, but may be best remembered for his role as Dan Fusco, owner of the hardware and paint store in Saturday Night Fever, who gave John Travolta's character sage but salty advice in the classic 1977 film. Later in his career, Coppola made a brief but memorable appearance on The Sopranos as the idiosyncratic family therapist of Jennifer Melfi.
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