Theodore Judah

born March 4th, 1826

Theodore Dehone Judah was an American civil engineer who was a central figure in the original promotion, establishment, and design of the First transcontinental railroad. He found investors for what became the Central Pacific Railroad (CPRR). As chief engineer, he performed much of the route survey work to determine the best alignment for the railroad over the Sierra Nevada, which was completed six years after his death.

Theodore L. Thomas

born April 13th, 1920

Theodore Lockard Thomas was an American chemical engineer and patent attorney who wrote more than 50 science fiction short stories, published between the early 1950s to the late 1970s. He also collaborated on two novels with Kate Wilhelm, as well as producing stories under the pseudonyms of Leonard Lockhard and Cogswell Thomas, and was nominated for the 1967 Nebula Award for Best Short Story and for a Hugo Award.

Theodore Maiman

died May 5th, 2007

Theodore Harold Maiman was an American engineer and physicist who is widely credited with the invention of the laser. Maiman's laser led to the subsequent development of many other types of lasers. The laser was successfully fired on May 16, 1960. In a July 7, 1960, press conference in Manhattan, Maiman and his employer, Hughes Aircraft Company, announced the laser to the world. Maiman was granted a patent for his invention, and he received many awards and honors for his work. His experiences in developing the first laser and subsequent related events are recounted in his book, The Laser Odyssey, later being republished in 2018 under a new title, The Laser Inventor: Memoirs of Theodore H. Maiman.

Theodore Mann

born May 13th, 1924

Theodore Mann, birth name Goldman, was an American theatre producer and director and the Artistic Director of the Circle in the Square Theatre School.

Theodore Marier

died February 24th, 2001

Theodore Norbert Marier was a church musician, educator, arranger and scholar of Gregorian Chant. He founded St. Paul's Choir School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1963, and served as the second president of the Church Music Association of America.

Théodore Monod

born April 9th, 1902

Théodore André Monod was a French naturalist, humanist, scholar and explorer.

Theodore of Sykeon

died April 22nd, 0613

Saint Theodore of Sykeon, also known as Theodore the Sykeote, was a revered Byzantine ascetic, who lived between the first half of the 6th century and the thirteenth year of the Emperor Heraclius' rule in the early 7th century. His hagiography, written after 641, is a key primary source for the reign of Emperor Heraclius. His feast day is 22 April.

Théodore Pilette

died May 3rd, 1921

Théodore Eugène Pilette was a Belgian racing driver. He started racing in 1903 and was the first Belgian to race at the Indianapolis 500. Competing in the 1913 event with his works Mercedes-Knight, Pilette was among the first Europe-based drivers to travel from overseas for the race. Despite having the smallest engine, he took fifth place, averaging 68.148 mph (109.674 km/h) over the 500 miles (800 km).

Theodore Plucknett

born January 2nd, 1897

Theodore Frank Thomas Plucknett was a British legal historian who was the first chair of legal history at the London School of Economics.

Theodore Robinson

died April 2nd, 1896

Theodore Robinson was an American painter best known for his Impressionist landscapes. He was one of the first American artists to take up Impressionism in the late 1880s, visiting Giverny and developing a close friendship with Claude Monet. Several of his works are considered masterpieces of American Impressionism.

Theodore Schultz

April 30th, 1902 - February 26th, 1998

Theodore William Schultz was an American agricultural economist and chairman of the University of Chicago Department of Economics. Schultz rose to national prominence after winning the 1979 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Theodore Sizer (art historian)

born March 19th, 1892

Theodore Sizer was an American professor of the history of art at Yale University and a director of the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut. He was named the first Pursuivant of Arms for Yale University in 1963.

Theodore Stephanides

died April 13th, 1983

Theodore Philip Stephanides was a Greek-British doctor and polymath, best remembered as the friend and mentor of Gerald Durrell. He was also known as a naturalist, biologist, astronomer, poet, writer and translator.

Theodore Sturgeon

February 26th, 1918 - May 8th, 1985

Theodore Sturgeon was an American fiction author of primarily fantasy, science fiction, and horror, as well as a critic. He wrote approximately 400 reviews and more than 120 short stories, 11 novels, and several scripts for Star Trek: The Original Series.

Theodore Trautwein

born March 29th, 1920

Theodore Walter Trautwein was an American judge from New Jersey who presided over issues related to release of reporter's notes that arose from the 1978 murder trial of "Dr. X" physician Mario Jascalevich, in which Trautwein held a reporter from The New York Times in contempt for refusing to turn over these investigative notes and held the reporter involved in jail for 40 days, triggering a separate set of cases on the limits of shield laws in protecting journalists from testifying about information they collected from their sources.

Théodore Tuffier

born March 26th, 1857

Théodore-Marin Tuffier, known as Théodore Tuffier was a French surgeon. He was a pioneer of pulmonary and cardiovascular surgery and of spinal anaesthesia.

Theodore Van Kirk

born February 27th, 1921

Theodore Jerome "Dutch" Van Kirk was a navigator in the United States Army Air Forces, best known as the navigator of the Enola Gay when it dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Upon the death of fellow crewman Morris Jeppson on March 30, 2010, Van Kirk became the last surviving member of the Enola Gay crew.

Theodore von Kármán

May 11th, 1881 - May 6th, 1963

Theodore von Kármán, was a Hungarian-American mathematician, aerospace engineer, and physicist who worked in aeronautics and astronautics. He was responsible for crucial advances in aerodynamics characterizing supersonic and hypersonic airflow. The human-defined threshold of outer space is named the "Kármán line" in recognition of his work. Kármán is regarded as an outstanding aerodynamic theoretician of the 20th century.

Theodore William Richards

January 31st, 1868 - April 2nd, 1928

Theodore William Richards was an American physical chemist and the first American scientist to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, earning the award "in recognition of his exact determinations of the atomic weights of a large number of the chemical elements."

Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine

died December 30th, 1115

Theodoric II, called the Valiant, was the Duke of Lorraine from 1070 to his death. He was the son and successor of Gerhard and Hedwige of Namur. He is sometimes numbered Theodoric I if the Dukes of the House of Ardennes, who ruled in Upper Lorraine from 959 to 1033, are ignored in favour of the dukes of Lower Lorraine as predecessors of the later Dukes of Lorraine.

Theodoric of Landsberg

died February 8th, 1285

Theodoric of Landsberg, a member of the House of Wettin was Margrave of Landsberg from 1265 until his death.

Theodoros Kolokotronis

April 3rd, 1770 - February 4th, 1843

Theodoros Kolokotronis was a Greek general and the pre-eminent leader of the Greek War of Independence (1821–1829) against the Ottoman Empire.

Theodoros Pangalos

January 11th, 1878 - February 26th, 1952

Lieutenant General Theodoros Pangalos was a Greek general, politician and dictator. A distinguished staff officer and an ardent Venizelist and anti-royalist, Pangalos played a leading role in the September 1922 revolt that deposed King Constantine I and in the establishment of the Second Hellenic Republic. In June 1925 Pangalos staged a bloodless coup, and his assumption of power was recognized by the National Assembly which named him prime minister. As a "constitutional dictator" he ruled the country until his overthrow in August 1926. From April 1926 until his deposition, he also occupied the office of President of the Republic.

Theodoros Papaloukas

born May 8th, 1977

Theodoros Papaloukas, commonly known as Theo Papaloukas or Thodoris Papaloukas, is a retired Greek professional basketball player. He was a four-time All-EuroLeague selection, a member of the EuroLeague 2000–10 All-Decade Team and was named one of the 50 greatest EuroLeague contributors in 2008. A revolutionary figure in basketball, as illustrated by his unique ability to come off the bench and alter the course of an encounter, and his uncanny feel for the game, he symbolized the rise of European basketball in the new millennium.

Theodosius Dobzhansky

born January 25th, 1900

Theodosius Grigorievich Dobzhansky was a prominent Russian and American geneticist and evolutionary biologist. He was a central figure in the field of evolutionary biology for his work in shaping the modern synthesis. Born in the Russian Empire, Dobzhansky emigrated to the United States in 1927, aged 27.

Theodosius I

born January 11th, 0347

Theodosius I, also called Theodosius the Great, was Roman emperor from 379 to 395. During his reign, he succeeded in a crucial war against the Goths, as well as in two civil wars, and was instrumental in establishing the creed of Nicaea as the orthodox doctrine for Christianity. Theodosius was the last emperor to rule the entire Roman Empire before its administration was permanently split between the West and East.

Theodosius II

born April 10th, 0401

Theodosius II was Roman emperor from 402 to 450. He was proclaimed augustus as an infant and ruled as the Eastern Empire's sole emperor after the death of his father, Arcadius, in 408. His reign was marked by the promulgation of the Theodosian law code and the construction of the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople. He also presided over the outbreak of two great Christological controversies, Nestorianism and Eutychianism.

Theofylaktos Papakonstantinou

died March 31st, 1991

Theofylaktos F. Papakonstantinou (1905–1991) was a Greek columnist, political and social analyst and historian. He used the pen name Petros Monastiriotis.

Theoni V. Aldredge

died January 21st, 2011

Theoni V. Aldredge was a Greek-American stage and screen costume designer.

Théophane Vénard

died February 2nd, 1861

Jean-Théophane Vénard was a French Catholic missionary to Indo-China. He was a member of the Paris Foreign Missions Society. He was beatified in company with thirty-three other Catholic martyrs, most of whom were natives of Tonkin, Cochin-China, or China. Pope John Paul II canonized him, with nineteen other martyrs, in 1988.

Théophile Delcassé

March 1st, 1852 - February 22nd, 1923

Théophile Delcassé was a French politician who served as foreign minister from 1898 to 1905. He is best known for his hatred of Germany and efforts to secure alliances with Russia and Great Britain that became the Entente Cordiale. He belonged to the Radical Party and was a protege of Léon Gambetta.

Theophilos (emperor)

died January 20th, 0842

Theophilos was the Byzantine Emperor from 829 until his death in 842. He was the second emperor of the Amorian dynasty and the last emperor to support iconoclasm. Theophilos personally led the armies in his long war against the Arabs, beginning in 831.
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