Gustave Lanctot

died February 2nd, 1975

Gustave Lanctot, also spelled Gustave Lanctôt, was a Canadian historian and archivist.

Gustave Mesny

died January 19th, 1945

Gustave Marie Maurice Mesny was a French Army general in command of the 5th North African Infantry Division who was captured during the Second World War. He was victim of a war crime, controversially killed in retribution for the death of German General Fritz von Brodowski while in French custody.

Gustave Moreau

April 6th, 1826 - April 18th, 1898

Gustave Moreau was a French artist and an important figure in the Symbolist movement. Jean Cassou called him "the Symbolist painter par excellence". He was an influential forerunner of symbolism in the visual arts in the 1860s, and at the height of the symbolist movement in the 1890s, he was among the most significant painters. Art historian Robert Delevoy wrote that Moreau "brought symbolist polyvalence to its highest point in Jupiter and Semele." He was a prolific artist who produced over 15,000 paintings, watercolors, and drawings. Moreau painted allegories and traditional biblical and mythological subjects favored by the fine art academies. J. K. Huysmans wrote, "Gustave Moreau has given new freshness to dreary old subjects by a talent both subtle and ample: he has taken myths worn out by the repetitions of centuries and expressed them in a language that is persuasive and lofty, mysterious and new." The female characters from the Bible and mythology that he so frequently depicted c...

Gustave Whitehead

born January 1st, 1874

Gustave Albin Whitehead was an aviation pioneer who emigrated from Germany to the United States where he designed and built gliders, flying machines, and engines between 1897 and 1915. Controversy surrounds published accounts and Whitehead's own claims that he flew a powered machine successfully several times in 1901 and 1902, predating the first flights by the Wright Brothers in 1903.

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

February 17th, 1836 - December 22nd, 1870

Gustavo Adolfo Claudio Domínguez Bastida, better known as Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, was a Spanish Romantic poet and writer, also a playwright, literary columnist, and talented in drawing. Today he is considered one of the most important figures in Spanish literature, and is considered by some as the most read writer after Miguel de Cervantes. He adopted the alias of Bécquer as his brother Valeriano Bécquer, a painter, had done earlier. He was associated with the romanticism and post-romanticism movements and wrote while realism was enjoying success in Spain. He was moderately well known during his life, but it was after his death that most of his works were published. His best known works are the Rhymes and the Legends, usually published together as Rimas y leyendas. These poems and tales are essential to the study of Spanish literature and common reading for high-school students in Spanish-speaking countries.

Gustavo Benítez (footballer, born 1953)

born February 5th, 1953

Gustavo Benítez is a retired Paraguayan football defender and coach.

Gustavo Díaz Ordaz

born March 12th, 1911

Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Bolaños was a Mexican politician and member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). He served as the President of Mexico from 1964 to 1970. Previously, he served as a member of the Chamber of Deputies for Puebla's 1st district, a senator of the Congress of the Union for Puebla, and Secretary of the Interior.

Gustavo Dudamel

born January 26th, 1981

Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramírez is a Venezuelan conductor and violinist. He is currently music director of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Paris Opera. He is scheduled to become music director of the New York Philharmonic in 2026.

Gustavo Gómez

born May 6th, 1993

Gustavo Raúl Gómez Portillo is a Paraguayan professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for and captains both Campeonato Brasileiro Série A club Palmeiras and the Paraguay national team.

Gustavo Jiménez

born April 5th, 1886

Gustavo Jiménez was a Peruvian colonel who served as Interim President of Peru, officially as the President of the Provisional Government Junta, in 1931.

Gustavo Noboa

died February 16th, 2021

Gustavo José Joaquín Noboa Bejarano was an Ecuadorian politician. He served as the 42nd president of Ecuador from 22 January 2000 to 15 January 2003. Previously he served as the vice president during Jamil Mahuad's government from 1998 until 2000. From 1983 until 1984, he also was the Governor of the province of Guayas.

Gustavo R. Vincenti

died April 25th, 1974

Gustavo Romeo Vincenti was a Maltese architect and developer. Born into a wealthy and business oriented family in Valletta and Floriana, he was able to purchase land and design and build buildings which he would then sell to clients. He was interested in architecture from a young age, and he graduated as an architect from the University of Malta in 1911, at the age of 23.

Gustavo Rojas Pinilla

born March 12th, 1900

Gustavo Rojas Pinilla was a Colombian army general, civil engineer and politician who ruled as 19th President of Colombia in a military dictatorship from June 1953 to May 1957.

Gustavo Varela

born May 14th, 1978

Gustavo Antonio Varela Rodríguez is a Uruguayan former footballer. He was a versatile right sided player who also could "be played as a lone striker, behind the front two" or at the heart of midfield.

Gustavs Celmiņš

April 1st, 1899 - April 10th, 1968

Gustavs Celmiņš was a Latvian politician, who was the founder of the Pērkonkrusts.

Guthrie Govan

born December 27th, 1971

Guthrie Govan is an English guitarist and guitar teacher, known for his work with the bands the Aristocrats, Asia, GPS, the Young Punx and the Fellowship, as well as his solo project Erotic Cakes. More recently, he has collaborated with Steven Wilson and Hans Zimmer. He is a noted guitar teacher, working with the UK magazine Guitar Techniques, Guildford's Academy of Contemporary Music, Lick Library, and formerly the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. Govan was named "Guitarist of the Year" by Guitarist magazine in 1993.

Gutzon Borglum

March 25th, 1867 - March 6th, 1941

John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum was an American sculptor best known for his work on Mount Rushmore. He is also associated with various other public works of art across the U.S., including Stone Mountain in Georgia, statues of Union General Philip Sheridan in Washington D.C. and in Chicago, as well as a bust of Abraham Lincoln which was exhibited in the White House by Theodore Roosevelt and which is now held in the United States Capitol crypt in Washington, D.C.

Guy Babylon

born December 20th, 1956

Guy Babylon was an American keyboardist/composer, most noted for his work with Elton John.

Guy Beaulne

born December 23rd, 1921

Guy Beaulne, was a French Canadian actor and theatre director.

Guy Berryman

born April 12th, 1978

Guy Rupert Berryman is a Scottish musician, songwriter and designer, best known as the bassist of the rock band Coldplay and electronic supergroup Apparatjik. Raised in Kirkcaldy, he started to play bass at an early age, drawing influence from the likes of James Brown, the Funk Brothers and Kool & the Gang. Beyond music, he is the founder of The Road Rat magazine and fashion brand Applied Art Forms, which take cues from utilitarian and military clothing.

Guy Bertrand (broadcaster)

born April 5th, 1954

Guy Bertrand is a Canadian linguist and broadcast personality.

Guy Big

February 26th, 1946 - May 2nd, 1978

Alan Herbert Hoffman (26 February 1946 – 2 May 1978), known by the stage name Guy Big, was a Canadian actor. He was most noted for his role in the children's television series The Hilarious House of Frightenstein as the Midget Count, although he also appeared in the movie Find the Lady as Miniature Man, in the King of Kensington episode "Tiny's Job" as the character Tiny Russell, and a guest on The Tommy Hunter Show. Before his death he filmed a television adaptation of Isaac Asimov's "The Ugly Little Boy" which aired in 1977 on TVOntario.

Guy Brown

born June 1st, 1955

Guy Brown, III (born June 1, 1955) is a former American football linebacker in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys. He played college football at the University of Houston.

Guy Burgess

born April 16th, 1911

Guy Francis de Moncy Burgess was a British diplomat and Soviet double agent, and a member of the Cambridge Five spy ring that operated from the mid-1930s to the early years of the Cold War era. His defection in 1951 to the Soviet Union, with his fellow spy Donald Maclean, led to a serious breach in Anglo-United States intelligence co-operation, and caused long-lasting disruption and demoralisation in Britain's foreign and diplomatic services.

Guy Burnet

born August 8th, 1983

Guy Burnet (born 8 August 1983) is a British theatre, film and television actor.

Guy C. Wiggins

born February 23rd, 1883

Guy Carleton Wiggins NA was an American impressionist painter. He was the president of the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts, and a member of the Old Lyme Art Colony. He did many paintings of New York City's snowy streets, landmarks and towering skyscrapers during winter.

Guy Carawan

died May 2nd, 2015

Guy Hughes Carawan Jr. was an American folk musician and musicologist. He served as music director and song leader for the Highlander Research and Education Center in New Market, Tennessee.

Guy Carbonneau

born March 18th, 1960

Joseph Harry Guy Carbonneau is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player, coach and executive in the National Hockey League. He was also the president of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Chicoutimi Saguenéens. Carbonneau was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in November 2019.

Guy Chadwick

born March 21st, 1956

Guy Stephen Chadwick is an English singer, songwriter and guitarist, best known as the frontman of alternative band the House of Love for which he wrote the majority of the band's material.

Guy Debord

born December 28th, 1931

Guy-Ernest Debord was a French Marxist theorist, philosopher, filmmaker, critic of work, member of the Letterist International, founder of a Letterist faction, and founding member of the Situationist International. He was also briefly a member of Socialisme ou Barbarie.

Guy des Cars

born May 6th, 1911

Guy Augustin Marie Jean de la Pérusse des Cars was a best-selling French author of popular novels.

Guy Dodson

born January 13th, 1937

George Guy Dodson FRS FMedSci, was a British biochemist who specialised in protein crystallography at the University of York.
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