Henry Baker (naturalist)

born May 8th, 1698

Henry Baker was a British naturalist.

Henry Baldwin (judge)

born January 14th, 1780

Henry Baldwin was an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from January 6, 1830, to April 21, 1844.

Henry Barrowe

died April 6th, 1593

Henry Barrow was an English Separatist Puritan, or Brownist, who was executed for his views. He led the London underground church from 1587 to 1593; spent most of that time in prison; and wrote numerous works of Brownist apologetics, most notably A Brief Discoverie of the False Church.

Henry Bartholomay

born March 20th, 1945

Flight leader Lieutenant Henry Adams "Black Bart" Bartholomay was a United States Naval Aviator. He was a recipient of the Silver Star and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Henry Barwell

born February 26th, 1877

Sir Henry Newman Barwell KCMG was the 28th premier of South Australia.

Henry Bauchau

born January 22nd, 1913

Henry Bauchau was a Belgian psychoanalyst, lawyer, and author of French prose and poetry.

Henry Beaufort

died April 11th, 1447

Henry Beaufort was an English Catholic prelate and statesman who held the offices of Bishop of Lincoln (1398), Bishop of Winchester (1404) and cardinal (1426). He served three times as Lord Chancellor and played an important role in English politics.

Henry Beckman

November 26th, 1921 - June 17th, 2008

Henry Beckman (26 November 1921 – 17 June 2008) was a Canadian stage, film and television actor.

Henry Bennett (American politician)

died May 10th, 1868

Henry Bennett was an American lawyer and politician who served five terms as a United States representative from New York from 1849 to 1859.

Henry Bessemer

January 19th, 1813 - March 15th, 1898

Sir Henry Bessemer was an English inventor, whose steel-making process would become the most important technique for making steel in the nineteenth century for almost one hundred years. He also played a significant role in establishing the town of Sheffield, nicknamed ‘Steel City’, as a major industrial centre.

Henry Billings Brown

born March 2nd, 1836

Henry Billings Brown was an American jurist who served as an associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1891 to 1906.

Henry Bird (chess player)

died April 11th, 1908

Henry Edward Bird was an English chess player, author and accountant. He wrote the books Chess History and Reminiscences and An Analysis of Railways in the United Kingdom.

Henry Birks

died April 16th, 1928

Henry Birks was a Canadian businessman and founder of Henry Birks and Sons, a chain of high-end Canadian jewellery stores.

Henry Blanco

born August 29th, 1971

Henry Ramón Blanco (born August 29, 1971) is a Venezuelan professional baseball coach and former player. He is currently the catching and strategy coach for the Washington Nationals. He played as a catcher in Major League Baseball from 1997 to 2013, appearing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Colorado Rockies, Milwaukee Brewers, Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres, New York Mets, Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto Blue Jays, and Seattle Mariners. He later served as quality assurance coach for the Cubs. Although a light-hitting player, he was regarded as one of the best defensive catchers in Major League Baseball.

Henry Blogg

born February 6th, 1876

Henry George Blogg GC BEM was a lifeboatman from Cromer on the north coast of Norfolk, England, and the most decorated in Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) history.

Henry Bonilla

born January 2nd, 1954

Henry Bonilla is a former congressman who represented Texas's 23rd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. He was defeated in his bid for re-election by Ciro Rodriguez, a former Democratic member of Congress, in a special election runoff held on December 12, 2006. His term expired January 3, 2007 when the 110th Congress officially began.

Henry Booth, 1st Earl of Warrington

born January 13th, 1651

Henry Booth, 1st Earl of Warrington was a Member of Parliament, Privy Councillor, Protestant protagonist in the Revolution of 1688, Mayor of Chester and author.

Henry Bourchier, 1st Earl of Essex

died April 4th, 1483

Henry Bourchier, 5th Baron Bourchier, 2nd Count of Eu, 1st Viscount Bourchier, 1st Earl of Essex, KG, was the eldest son of William Bourchier, 1st Count of Eu, and Anne of Gloucester. On his mother's side, he was a great-grandson of Edward III of England.

Henry Briggs (mathematician)

February 1st, 1561 - January 26th, 1630

Henry Briggs was an English mathematician notable for changing the original logarithms invented by John Napier into common logarithms, which are sometimes known as Briggsian logarithms in his honour. The specific algorithm for long division in modern use was introduced by Briggs c. 1600 AD.

Henry Bromell

died March 18th, 2013

Alfred Henry Bromell was an American novelist, screenwriter, and director.

Henry Brooke, 11th Baron Cobham

died February 3rd, 1619

Henry Brooke, 11th Baron Cobham KG (22 November 1564 – 24 January 1618 /3 February 1618, lord of the Manor of Cobham, Kent, was an English peer who was implicated in the Main Plot against the rule of James I of England.

Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux

died May 7th, 1868

Henry Peter Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, was a British statesman who became Lord High Chancellor and played a prominent role in passing the Reform Act 1832 and Slavery Abolition Act 1833.

Henry Burr

born January 15th, 1882

Henry Burr was a Canadian singer, radio performer and producer. He was born Harry Haley McClaskey and used Henry Burr as one of his many pseudonyms, in addition to Irving Gillette, Henry Gillette, Alfred Alexander, Robert Rice, Carl Ely, Harry Barr, Frank Knapp, Al King, and Shamus McClaskey. He produced more than 12,000 recordings, by his own estimate, and some of his most popular recordings included "Just a Baby's Prayer at Twilight", "Till We Meet Again" with Albert Campbell, "Beautiful Ohio", "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" "When I Lost You" and "In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree". A tenor, he performed as a soloist and in duets, trios and quartets.

Henry C. Lord

died March 23rd, 1884

Henry Clark Lord was the fourth president of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. He was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, the son of Dartmouth College president Nathan Lord.

Henry Cabot Lodge

born May 12th, 1850

Henry Cabot Lodge was an American politician, historian, lawyer, and statesman from Massachusetts. A member of the Republican Party, he served in the United States Senate from 1893 to 1924 and is best known for his positions on foreign policy. His successful crusade against Woodrow Wilson's Treaty of Versailles ensured that the United States never joined the League of Nations and his penned conditions against that treaty, known collectively as the Lodge reservations, influenced the structure of the modern United Nations.

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

died February 27th, 1985

Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. was an American diplomat and politician who represented Massachusetts in the United States Senate and served as United States Ambassador to the United Nations in the administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In 1960, he was the Republican nominee for Vice President on a ticket with Richard Nixon, who had served two terms as Eisenhower's vice president. The Republican ticket narrowly lost to Democrats John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson; Lodge later served as a diplomat in the administrations of Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Gerald Ford and was a presidential contender in 1964.

Henry Campbell-Bannerman

died April 22nd, 1908

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was a British statesman and Liberal politician who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1905 to 1908 and Leader of the Liberal Party from 1899 to 1908. He also served as Secretary of State for War twice, in the cabinets of Gladstone and Rosebery. He was the first first lord of the treasury to be officially called the "prime minister", the term only coming into official usage five days after he took office. He remains the only person to date to hold the positions of Prime Minister and Father of the House at the same time, and the last Liberal leader to gain a UK parliamentary majority.

Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon

born March 4th, 1526

Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon KG PC, was an English nobleman and courtier. He was the patron of the Lord Chamberlain's Men, William Shakespeare's playing company. The son of Mary Boleyn, he was a cousin of Elizabeth I.

Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth

born January 15th, 1595

Henry Carey, 2nd Earl of Monmouth, KB was an English nobleman and translator.

Henry Carter Adams

born December 31st, 1851

Henry Carter Adams was a U.S. economist and Professor of Political Economy and finance at the University of Michigan.

Henry Casimir I of Nassau-Dietz

born January 21st, 1612

Henry Casimir I of Nassau-Dietz was count of Nassau-Dietz and Stadtholder of Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe.

Henry Cavendish

died February 24th, 1810

Henry Cavendish was an English natural philosopher and scientist who was an important experimental and theoretical chemist and physicist. He is noted for his discovery of hydrogen, which he termed "inflammable air". He described the density of inflammable air, which formed water on combustion, in a 1766 paper, On Factitious Airs. Antoine Lavoisier later reproduced Cavendish's experiment and gave the element its name.
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