Ida of Lorraine

died April 13th, 1113

Ida of Lorraine was a saint and noblewoman.

Ida Pollock

born April 12th, 1908

Ida Julia Pollock was a British writer of several short-stories and over 125 romance novels that were published under her married name, Ida Pollock, and under a number of different pseudonyms: Joan M. Allen; Susan Barrie, Pamela Kent, Averil Ives, Anita Charles, Barbara Rowan, Jane Beaufort, Rose Burghley, Mary Whistler and Marguerite Bell. She has sold millions of copies over her 90-year career. She has been referred to as the "world's oldest novelist" who was still active at 105 and continued writing until her death. On the occasion of her 105th birthday, Pollock was appointed honorary vice-president of the Romantic Novelists' Association, having been one of its founding members.

Ida Rhodes

born May 15th, 1900

Ida Rhodes was an American mathematician who became a member of the clique of influential women at the heart of early computer development in the United States.

Ida Shepley

born December 9th, 1908

Ida Shepley born Ida Mary Humphrey (9 December 1908 – 12 March 1975) was a British actress and singer. She began as a singer and worked with the BBC before expanding her career into acting appearing on the London stage and television.

Ida Straus

died April 15th, 1912

Rosalie Ida Straus was a German-American homemaker and wife of Isidor Straus, U.S. Congressman and co-owner of the Macy's department store. She and her husband died during the sinking of the Titanic.

Idina Menzel

born May 30th, 1971

Idina Kim Menzel (/ɪˈdiːnə mɛnˈzɛl/ ih-DEE-nə men-ZEL; née Mentzel; born May 30, 1971) is an American actress and singer. Particularly known for her work in musicals on the Broadway stage and having achieved mainstream success across stage, film and music, Menzel has garnered the honorific title "Queen of Broadway" for her achievements. Her accolades include an American Music Award, a Billboard Music Award and a Tony Award, as well as nominations for three Drama League Awards and four Drama Desk Awards. In 2019, she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to live theatre.

Idris Davies

died April 6th, 1953

Idris Davies was a Welsh poet. Born in Rhymney, near Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, he became a poet, originally writing in Welsh, but later writing exclusively in English.

Idris Elba

born September 6th, 1972

Idrissa Akuna Elba OBE (/ˈɪdrɪs/; born 6 September 1972) is an English actor. An alumnus of the National Youth Theatre in London, he is known for roles including Stringer Bell in the HBO series The Wire, DCI John Luther in the BBC One series Luther, and Nelson Mandela in the biographical film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013). He has been nominated four times for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film, winning one, and has been nominated five times for a Primetime Emmy Award.

Idris Sardi

died April 28th, 2014

Muhammad Idris Sardi was an Indonesian violinist and composer.

Idriss Déby

died April 20th, 2021

Idriss Déby Itno was a Chadian politician and military officer who was the president of Chad from 1990 until his death in 2021 during the Northern Chad offensive. His term of office of more than 30 years makes him Chad's longest-serving president.

Idrissa Ouédraogo

born January 21st, 1954

Idrissa Ouédraogo was a Burkinabé filmmaker. His work often explored the conflict between rural and city life and tradition and modernity in his native Burkina Faso and elsewhere in Africa. He is best known for his feature film Tilaï, which won the Grand Prix at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival and Samba Traoré (1993), which was nominated for the Silver Bear award at the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival.

Ids Postma

born December 28th, 1973

Ids Hylke Postma is a Dutch former speed skater. He is an Olympic gold medalist and former world champion.


born July 27th, 1990

Ian W. (born July 27, 1990), more commonly known as iDubbbz or Ian Carter, is an American YouTube personality. Creator of YouTube channels iDubbbzTV, iDubbbzTV2, and iDubbbzgames, he is best known for his comedy video series, including Content Cop, Bad Unboxing and Kickstarter Crap. His 2017 diss track "Asian Jake Paul" charted and peaked at number 24 on Billboard's US R&B/HH Digital Song Sales chart.

Ieng Sary

died March 14th, 2013

Ieng Sary was the co-founder and senior member of the Khmer Rouge and one of the main architects of the Cambodian Genocide. He was a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kampuchea led by Pol Pot and served in the 1975–79 government of Democratic Kampuchea as foreign minister and deputy prime minister. He was known as "Brother Number Three" as he was third in command after Pol Pot and Nuon Chea. His wife, Ieng Thirith, served in the Khmer Rouge government as social affairs minister. Ieng Sary was arrested in 2007 and was charged with crimes against humanity but died of heart failure before the case against him could be brought to a verdict.

Ieroklis Stoltidis

born February 2nd, 1975

Ieroklis Stoltidis, also known as "Iéro", is a Greek football manager and former professional footballer who played as a central midfielder. He was known as a passionate, determined anchorman with mental and physical courage.

Ieuan Evans

born March 21st, 1964

Ieuan Cennydd Evans is a former rugby union player who played on the wing for Wales and the British and Irish Lions. He is the fourth highest try scorer for Wales behind Shane Williams, George North and Gareth Thomas and joint 24th in the world on the all-time test try scoring list. Evans held the record for the most Wales caps as captain with 28, a record overtaken by Ryan Jones in 2012.

Ieuan Maddock

March 29th, 1917 - December 29th, 1988

Sir Ieuan Maddock was a Welsh scientist and nuclear researcher. He played a role in the nuclear weapons tests in Australia in the 1950s and the 1973 Partial Test-Ban treaty.

Ieva Simonaitytė

born January 23rd, 1897

Ieva Simonaitytė or Ewa Simoneit was a Lithuanian writer. She represented the culture of Lithuania Minor and Klaipėda Region, territories of German East Prussia with historically large, but dwindling, Lithuanian populations. She received critical acclaim for her novel Aukštujų Šimonių likimas.

Ifeoma Nwoye

born May 1st, 1993

Ifeoma Nwoye is a Nigerian wrestler.

Iffat Rahim

born August 8th, 1961

Iffat Rahim, also known as Iffat Omar (in Punjabi and Urdu: عفت رحیم), née Rahim, is a Pakistani former model who achieved success in the late 1980s and early 1990s. She is known for her role as Aapa Ji (Rukhsana) in the Pakistani drama series Mohabbat Aag Si which created acclaim and recognition including Award for Best Actor Female Jury.

Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi

born March 16th, 1910

Nawab Mohammad Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, sometimes I. A. K. Pataudi, was an Indian prince and cricket player.

Iggy Pop

born April 21st, 1947

James Newell Osterberg, known professionally as Iggy Pop, is an American singer, musician, songwriter, actor, and radio broadcaster. He was the vocalist and lyricist of proto-punk band The Stooges, who were formed in 1967 and have disbanded and reunited many times since. Often called the "Godfather of Punk", he was named one of the 50 Great Voices by NPR. In 2010, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as a member of the Stooges. Pop also received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020, for his solo work.

Ignacia del Espíritu Santo

born February 1st, 1663

Ignacia del Espíritu Santo luco, also known as "Mother Ignacia" was a Filipino religious sister of the Catholic Church. She was known for her acts of piety and religious poverty and founded the Congregation of the Sisters of the Religious of the Virgin Mary, the first native Filipino female congregation with approved pontifical status in what is now the Republic of the Philippines.

Ignacije Szentmartony

died April 15th, 1793

Ignacije Szentmartony was a Croatian Jesuit priest, missionary, mathematician, astronomer, explorer and cartographer.

Ignacio Bonillas

born February 1st, 1858

Ignacio Bonillas Fraijo was a Mexican diplomat. He was a Mexican ambassador to the United States and held a degree in mine engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was tapped by President Venustiano Carranza as his successor in the 1920 presidential elections, but the revolt of three Sonoran revolutionary generals overthrew Carranza before those elections took place.

Ignacio Carrera Pinto

born February 5th, 1848

Ignacio Carrera Pinto was a Chilean hero of the War of the Pacific. Carrera and his 77 men of the Fourth Company of Chacabuco are regarded in Chile as great heroes, and are commonly referred to as the "Héroes de la Concepción", after all were killed in the Battle of La Concepción.

Ignacio Cervantes

died April 29th, 1905

Ignacio Cervantes Kawanag was a Cuban pianist and composer. He was influential in the creolization of Cuban music.

Ignacio López Tarso

born January 15th, 1925

Ignacio López Tarso was a Mexican actor of stage, film and television. He acted in about 50 films and appeared in documentaries and in one short feature. In 1973 he was given the Ariel Award for Best Actor for Rosa Blanca, and the Ariel de Oro lifetime achievement award in 2007. He was honored multiple times at the TVyNovelas Awards. At the time of his death, he was one of the last surviving stars from the Golden Age of Mexican cinema.

Ignacio Lores

born April 26th, 1991

Ignacio Lores Varela is a Uruguayan footballer who plays as a winger for Italian Serie C Group C club Avellino. He is a former Uruguay U20 international. Lores also holds Spanish passport.

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano

died February 13th, 1893

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Basilio was a Mexican radical liberal writer, journalist, teacher and politician. He wrote Clemencia (1869), which is often considered to be the first modern Mexican novel.

Ignacio Noé

born January 27th, 1965

Ignacio Noé, usually known simply as Noé, is an artist in a wide range of graphic genres, working in comics, children's books, magazine illustration and erotic comics, in a highly rendered style that utilizes both digital and traditional media. His works include "The Piano Tuner", "Ship of Fools" and most notably "The Convent of Hell".

Ignacio Ramonet

born May 5th, 1943

Ignacio Ramonet Miguez is a Spanish academic, journalist and writer who has been based in Paris for much of his career. After becoming first known for writing on film and media, he became editor-in-chief of Le Monde diplomatique, serving from 1991 until March 2008. Under his leadership, LMD established editorial independence in 1996 from Le Monde, with which it had been affiliated since 1954.
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