Jan Oort

born April 28th, 1900

Jan Hendrik Oort was a Dutch astronomer who made significant contributions to the understanding of the Milky Way and who was a pioneer in the field of radio astronomy. The New York Times called him "one of the century's foremost explorers of the universe"; the European Space Agency website describes him as "one of the greatest astronomers of the 20th century" and states that he "revolutionised astronomy through his ground-breaking discoveries." In 1955, Oort's name appeared in Life magazine's list of the 100 most famous living people. He has been described as "putting the Netherlands in the forefront of postwar astronomy."

Jan Pesman

born May 4th, 1931

Jan Sijbrand Pesman was a Dutch speed skater who specialized in long distances. He competed at the 1960 Winter Olympics in the 500 m, 5000 m and 10,000 m events and won a bronze medal in the 5000 m.

Jan Peter Balkenende

born May 7th, 1956

Jan Pieter "Jan Peter" Balkenende Jr. is a Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party and jurist who served as Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 22 July 2002 to 14 October 2010.

Jan Pieterszoon Coen

born January 8th, 1587

Jan Pieterszoon Coen was an officer of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in the early 17th century, holding two terms as governor-general of the Dutch East Indies. He was the founder of Batavia, capital of the Dutch East Indies. Renowned for providing the impulse that set the VOC on the path to dominance in the Dutch East Indies, he was long considered a national hero in the Netherlands. Since the 19th century, his legacy has become controversial due to the brutal violence he employed in order to secure a trade monopoly on nutmeg, mace and clove. During the last stage of the Dutch conquest of the Banda Islands, Coen depopulated the islands to such a degree he massacred about 14.400 people in Banda, about 800 of whom were transferred to Batavia.

Jan Potocki

born March 8th, 1761

Count Jan Potocki was a Polish nobleman, ethnologist, linguist, traveller and author of the Enlightenment period, whose life and exploits made him a celebrated figure in Poland. He is known chiefly for his picaresque novel, The Manuscript Found in Saragossa.

Jan Pronk

born March 16th, 1940

Johannes Pieter "Jan" Pronk Jr. is a retired Dutch politician and diplomat of the Labour Party (PvdA) and activist.

Jan Rokycana

died February 21st, 1471

Jan Rokycana was a Czech Hussite theologian in the Kingdom of Bohemia and a key figure of the Bohemian Reformation.

Jan Roothaan

died May 8th, 1853

Jan Philipp Roothaan, SJ was a Dutch Jesuit, elected twenty-first Superior-General of the Society of Jesus.

Jan Santini Aichel

born February 3rd, 1677

Jan Blažej Santini Aichel was a Czech architect of Italian descent, whose major works represent the unique Baroque Gothic style - the special combination of the Baroque and Gothic styles.

Jan Sarkander

December 20th, 1576 - March 17th, 1620

Jan Sarkander was a Polish-Czech Roman Catholic priest. Sarkander was married for a short period of time before he became widowed and pursued a path to the priesthood where he became active in defence of Catholicism during a period of anti-Catholic sentiment and conflict. He himself was arrested on false accusations as a means of silencing him and he refused to give in to his tormenters who tortured him for around a month before he died.

Jan Saudek

born May 13th, 1935

Jan Saudek is an art photographer and painter.

Jan Smeekens

born February 11th, 1987

Jan Smeekens is a Dutch former speed skater. He is a 500 m specialist.

Jan Smeets

born April 5th, 1985

Jan Smeets is a Dutch chess grandmaster. He is a two-time Dutch Chess Champion.

Jan Smit (singer)

born December 31st, 1985

Jan Smit is a Dutch singer, television host, and actor. Smit mostly sings songs in the Dutch language, in a genre known as palingsound. In addition to his solo career, in 2015 Smit joined the schlager trio KLUBBB3, and in 2017 The Toppers. As a TV presenter, he has worked on programs like the Beste Zangers and Sterren Muziekfeest op het Plein Since 1999, Smit has been serving as an ambassador for the SOS Children's Villages, and is a member of the board for the football club FC Volendam.

Jan Smithers

born July 3rd, 1949

Karin Jan Smithers (born July 3, 1949) is an American actress. She is known for playing Bailey Quarters on the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati (1978–1982).

Jan Stephenson

born December 22nd, 1951

Jan Lynn Stephenson is an Australian professional golfer. She became a member of the LPGA Tour in 1974 and won three major championships and 16 LPGA Tour events. She has 41 worldwide victories including (10) LPGA Legends Tour wins and 8 worldwide major championships. She has 15 holes-in-one with (9) in competition. She was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame, class of 2019.

Jan Sterling

April 3rd, 1921 - March 26th, 2004

Jan Sterling was an American film, television and stage actress. At her most active in films during the 1950s, Sterling received a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in The High and the Mighty (1954) as well as an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress nomination. Her best performance is often considered to be opposite Kirk Douglas, as the opportunistic wife in Billy Wilder's 1951 Ace in the Hole. Although her career declined during the 1960s, she continued to play occasional television and theatre roles.

Jan Svěrák

born February 6th, 1965

Jan Svěrák is a Czech film director. He is the son of screenwriter and actor Zdeněk Svěrák. He studied documentary filmmaking at the FAMU. He and his films have received awards including the Academy Award, Crystal Globe, Golden Globe Award, and Tokyo Grand Prix.

Jan Swammerdam

February 12th, 1637 - February 17th, 1680

Jan or Johannes Swammerdam was a Dutch biologist and microscopist. His work on insects demonstrated that the various phases during the life of an insect—egg, larva, pupa, and adult—are different forms of the same animal. As part of his anatomical research, he carried out experiments on muscle contraction. In 1658, he was the first to observe and describe red blood cells. He was one of the first people to use the microscope in dissections, and his techniques remained useful for hundreds of years.

Jan Tarnowski

died May 16th, 1561

Jan Amor Tarnowski was a Polish nobleman, knight, military commander, military theoretician, and statesman of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland. He was Grand Crown Hetman from 1527, and was the founder of the city of Tarnopol, where he built the Ternopil Castle and the Ternopil Pond. The first Count of the Holy Roman Empire in the Tarnowski family (1547).

Jan Tinbergen

born April 12th, 1903

Jan Tinbergen was a Dutch economist who was awarded the first Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1969, which he shared with Ragnar Frisch for having developed and applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes. He is widely considered to be one of the most influential economists of the 20th century and one of the founding fathers of econometrics.

Jan Tomaszewski

born January 9th, 1948

Jan Tomaszewski is a Polish former professional footballer who played as a goalkeeper in the 1970s. He kept goal for the Poland national teams that came third at the 1974 World Cup, where he was named Best Goalkeeper, that won the silver medal at the 1976 Summer Olympics, and that competed at the 1978 World Cup. He is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Polish football. He was later a football commentator and politician.

Jan Tschichold

born April 2nd, 1902

Jan Tschichold was a German calligrapher, typographer and book designer. He played a significant role in the development of graphic design in the 20th century – first, by developing and promoting principles of typographic modernism, and subsequently idealizing conservative typographic structures. His direction of the visual identity of Penguin Books in the decade following World War II served as a model for the burgeoning design practice of planning corporate identity programs. He also designed the typeface Sabon.

Jan van Aartsen

died April 2nd, 1992

Johannes "Jan" van Aartsen was a Dutch politician of the defunct Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP) now merged into the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party and jurist.

Jan van Beers (artist)

born March 27th, 1852

Jean Marie Constantin Joseph "Jan" van Beers was a Belgian painter and illustrator, the son of the poet Jan van Beers. They are sometimes referred to as Jan van Beers the elder and Jan van Beers the younger. In 1884, Jan Van Beers produced the pen-and-ink sketches for the edition de luxe of his father's poetry.

Jan van Beveren

born March 5th, 1948

Jan van Beveren was a Dutch footballer and coach, who played as a goalkeeper.

Jan van der Heyden

born March 5th, 1637

Jan van der Heyden was a Dutch Baroque-era painter, glass painter, draughtsman and printmaker. Van der Heyden was one of the first Dutch painters to specialize in townscapes and became one of the leading architectural painters of the Dutch Golden Age. He painted a number of still lifes in the beginning and at the end of his career.

Jan van Gilse

born May 11th, 1881

Jan Pieter Hendrik van Gilse was a Dutch composer and conductor. Among his works are five symphonies and the Dutch-language opera Thijl.

Jan van Goyen

January 13th, 1596 - April 27th, 1656

Jan Josephszoon van Goyen was a Dutch landscape painter. The scope of his landscape subjects was very broad as he painted forest landscapes, marine paintings, river landscapes, beach scenes, winter landscapes, cityscapes, architectural views and landscapes with peasants. The list of painters he influenced is much longer. He was an extremely prolific artist who left approximately twelve hundred paintings and more than one thousand drawings.

Jan van Huysum

died February 8th, 1749

Jan van Huysum is the most notable member of the Van Huysum family of artists working in Dutch Golden Age of the 17th and 18th centuries; “by common consent, Jan van Huysum has been held to be the best painter of flowers.” Trained in decoration from a young age, he “gradually developed an execution of details of the utmost beauty and finish” creating “wonderful flower pieces whereon drops of water and crawling ants could be seen without a magnifying glass.”

Jan van Riebeeck

born April 21st, 1619

Johan Anthoniszoon "Jan" van Riebeeck was a Dutch navigator and colonial administrator of the Dutch East India Company.

Jan van Roessel

born April 7th, 1925

Jan van Roessel was a Dutch football player.
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