André Ribeiro (racing driver)

born January 18th, 1966

André Ribeiro da Cunha Pereira was a Brazilian racing driver who raced in CART from 1995 through 1998, where he claimed three wins.

Andre Roberts

born January 9th, 1988

Andre McXavier Roberts (born January 9, 1988) is an American football wide receiver and return specialist for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at The Citadel and was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the third round of the 2010 NFL Draft. Roberts has also played for the Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions, Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Andre Russell

born April 29th, 1987

Andre Dwayne Russell is a Jamaican cricketer who has played international cricket for West Indies and for Jamaica in domestic cricket as an all-rounder. He currently plays in various T20 leagues around the world. Russell was part of 2012 and 2016 ICC World T20 winning West Indies teams. He has played in more than 300 T20 matches for a range of sides in leagues.

André Salvat

died February 9th, 2017

André Salvat was a colonel in the French Army. He was a veteran of World War II, the First Indochina War and the Algerian War. He was made a Companion of the Liberation for his World War II service.

André Santos

born March 8th, 1983

André Clarindo dos Santos is a Brazilian footballer who most recently played for Figueirense. Santos is a left-back, who can also be deployed as a left winger. On 15 June 2009, he made his first international appearance as a substitute in a match against Egypt. Santos participated and helped Brazil capture the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. He joined Arsenal from Fenerbahçe in August 2011.

André Santos (footballer, born 1989)

born March 2nd, 1989

André Filipe Bernardes Santos is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays as a defensive midfielder for U.D. Oliveirense.

Andre Scrubb

born January 13th, 1995

Andre Darrell Scrubb (born January 13, 1995) is an American professional baseball pitcher who is a free agent. He played college baseball at High Point University. Scrubb was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the eighth round of the 2016 MLB draft. He made his MLB debut in 2020.

André Tacquet

died December 22nd, 1660

André Tacquet was a Brabantian mathematician and Jesuit priest. Tacquet adhered to the methods of the geometry of Euclid and the philosophy of Aristotle and opposed the method of indivisibles.

André the Giant

died January 27th, 1993

André René Roussimoff, better known by his ring name André the Giant, was a French professional wrestler and actor. Known as "the Eighth Wonder of the World," Roussimoff was known for his great size, which was a result of gigantism caused by excess growth hormones.

Andre Tillman

born November 1st, 1952

Andre Tillman (born November 1, 1952) is a former American football tight end in the National Football League. Growing up he attended Lake Highlands High School. He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the second round of the 1974 NFL Draft. As of 2017, he was one of 5 tight ends to ever be selected in the second round by the Dolphins. He played college football at Texas Tech. Tillman played in a total of 58 games for the Dolphins from 1975 to 1978.

Andre Tippett

born December 27th, 1959

Andre Bernard Tippett Sr. is an American former professional football player who was a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) for 11 seasons with the New England Patriots. He played college football for the Iowa Hawkeyes, where he was recognized as a consensus All-American in 1981. A second-round pick in the 1982 NFL Draft, Tippett was selected to five Pro Bowls and was named first-team All-Pro twice in his career. Since 2007, he has been the Patriots' executive director of community affairs. He was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2008. He is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.

André Weil

born May 6th, 1906

André Weil was a French mathematician, known for his foundational work in number theory and algebraic geometry. He was one of the most influential mathematicians of the twentieth century. His influence is due both to his original contributions to a remarkably broad spectrum of mathematical theories, and to the mark he left on mathematical practice and style, through some of his own works as well as through the Bourbaki group, of which he was one of the principal founders.

André Weinfeld

born April 6th, 1947

André Weinfeld is a French and American film and television producer, director, screenwriter, cinematographer, photographer, and journalist.

Andre Young (basketball)

born March 16th, 1990

Andre Young is a retired American professional basketball player. Standing at 5 ft 9 in, Young played the point guard or shooting guard position. He played four years of collegiate basketball with Clemson followed by three seasons of playing professionally in multiple countries in Europe.

André-Hercule de Fleury

died January 29th, 1743

André-Hercule de Fleury, Bishop of Fréjus was a French cardinal who served as the chief minister of Louis XV.

André-Jacques Garnerin

born January 31st, 1769

André-Jacques Garnerin was a French balloonist and the inventor of the frameless parachute. He was appointed Official Aeronaut of France.

André-Marie Ampère

born January 20th, 1775

André-Marie Ampère was a French physicist and mathematician who was one of the founders of the science of classical electromagnetism, which he referred to as "electrodynamics". He is also the inventor of numerous applications, such as the solenoid and the electrical telegraph. As an autodidact, Ampère was a member of the French Academy of Sciences and professor at the École polytechnique and the Collège de France.

Andrea Alciato

born May 8th, 1492

Andrea Alciato, commonly known as Alciati, was an Italian jurist and writer. He is regarded as the founder of the French school of legal humanists.

Andrea Anders

born May 10th, 1975

Andrea Anders (born May 10, 1975) is an American actress. She is best known for her work on television, notably through her main roles on five anticipated but short-lived sitcoms, Joey, The Class, Better Off Ted, Mr. Sunshine and Mr. Mom, as well as recurring and guest roles on numerous TV series including Cruel Summer, Oz, Young Sheldon, Modern Family and Necessary Roughness, and getting cast in nearly ten produced but unsold pilots.

Andrea Antonelli

born January 17th, 1988

Andrea Antonelli was an Italian motorcycle racer. He was killed in an accident at the Moscow Raceway, whilst competing for Team Go Eleven Kawasaki in the Supersport World Championship.

Andrea Arnold

born April 5th, 1961

Andrea Arnold, OBE is an English filmmaker and former actor. She won an Academy Award for her short film Wasp in 2005. Her feature films include Red Road (2006), Fish Tank (2009), and American Honey (2016), all of which have won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Arnold has also directed four episodes of the Amazon Prime Video series Transparent, as well as all seven episodes of the second season of the HBO series Big Little Lies. Her documentary Cow premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival and played at the 2021 Telluride Film Festival.

Andrea Baldini

born December 19th, 1985

Andrea Baldini is an Italian foil fencer, several time European and World champion and team Olympic champion in 2012. He is the only foil fencer in history to have obtained four golds and the final victory in the World Cup in the same season.

Andrea Bang

born May 2nd, 1989

Andrea Bang is a Canadian actress and screenwriter from Burnaby, British Columbia. She is best known for playing Janet Kim in the CBC comedy Kim's Convenience, for which she was nominated many times at the Canadian Screen Awards. She has appeared in A Million Little Things, Fresh and Running with Violet.

Andrea Barber

born July 3rd, 1976

Andrea Laura Barber (born July 3, 1976) is an American actress. She is known for playing Kimmy Gibbler in the ABC sitcom Full House and the Netflix sequel series Fuller House.

Andrea Barzagli

born May 8th, 1981

Andrea Barzagli is an Italian former professional footballer who played as a centre-back. A four-time member of the Serie A Team of the Year, Barzagli is regarded as one of the best and most consistent defenders in Italian football history.

Andrea Bendewald

born March 4th, 1970

Andrea R. Bendewald (born March 4, 1970) is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Maddy Piper on Suddenly Susan.

Andrea Bertolacci

born January 11th, 1991

Andrea Bertolacci is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Serie B club Cremonese.

Andrea Botez

born April 6th, 2002

Andrea Botez is a Canadian chess player, commentator and internet personality.

Andrea Bovo

born May 14th, 1986

Andrea Bovo is an Italian footballer who plays for Nocerina in Serie D.

Andrea Bowen

born March 4th, 1990

Andrea Bowen is an American actress. She began her career appearing on Broadway musicals such as Les Misérables and The Sound of Music. In 2004, she began playing the role of Julie Mayer on the ABC comedy-drama series Desperate Housewives, a role she played on a regular basis until 2008. She later appeared on a recurring basis until the show ended in 2012. Bowen later went on to star in a number of Lifetime television movies.

Andrea Brillantes

born March 12th, 2003

Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza (Tagalog pronunciation: [bɾɪl'jɐntɛs]; born March 12, 2003), known professionally as Andrea Brillantes, is a Filipino actress. She is best known for her roles as the titular character in Annaliza (2013) and as Marga Bartolome in Kadenang Ginto (2018). She also appeared in the television series E-Boy (2012) and Alyna (2010), and has played various other roles.

Andrea Cesalpino

died February 23rd, 1603

Andrea Cesalpino was a Florentine physician, philosopher and botanist.
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