Jure Franko

born March 28th, 1962

Jure Franko is a Slovenian-Yugoslav former alpine skier, best known for winning a giant slalom silver medal at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo.

Jure Ivanušič

born March 24th, 1973

Jure Ivanušič is a Slovene theatre and film actor, director, playwright, concert pianist, composer, chansonnier and translator.

Jure Košir

born April 24th, 1972

Jure Košir (; born 24 April 1972 is a former Slovenian alpine skier.

Jürgen Bucher

born March 22nd, 1957

Jürgen Bucher is a retired German footballer.

Jürgen Drews

born April 2nd, 1945

Jürgen Ludwig Drews is a German Schlager singer.

Jürgen Stroop

died March 6th, 1952

Jürgen Stroop was a German SS commander during the Nazi era, who served as SS and Police Leader in occupied Poland and Greece. He led the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943 and wrote the Stroop Report, a book-length account of the operation. Following the defeat of Germany, Stroop was prosecuted during the Dachau Trials and convicted of murdering nine U.S. prisoners of war. After his extradition to Poland, Stroop was tried, convicted, and executed for crimes against humanity.

Jurgen Van den Broeck

born February 1st, 1983

Jurgen Van den Broeck is a Belgian former road bicycle racer, who competed professionally between 2004 and 2017 for the Discovery Channel, Lotto–Soudal, Team Katusha and LottoNL–Jumbo squads. Van den Broeck specialised in the time trial discipline, having been Junior World Champion against the clock in 2001. The promise he first displayed in minor stage races like the Tour de Romandie and Eneco Tour was later validated and confirmed by top-10 finishes in all three Grand Tours: the Giro d'Italia, the Tour de France and the Vuelta a España.

Jurgis Baltrušaitis

born May 2nd, 1873

Jurgis Baltrušaitis was a Lithuanian symbolist poet and translator, who wrote his works in Lithuanian and Russian. In addition to his important contributions to Lithuanian literature, he was noted as a political activist and diplomat. Himself one of the foremost exponents of iconology, he was the father of art historian and critic Jurgis Baltrušaitis Jr.

Jurgis Bielinis

born March 16th, 1846

Jurgis Bielinis (1846–1918) was one of the main organizers of the illegal book-smuggling at the time of the Lithuanian press ban (1864–1904). Bielinis is informally referred to as the King of Book Smugglers. Since 1989, Bielinis's birthday is commemorated as the Day of Book Smugglers.

Jurgis Matulaitis-Matulevičius

died January 27th, 1927

Jurgis Matulaitis-Matulevičius was a Latin Church Catholic prelate who served as the Bishop of Vilnius from late 1918 until his resignation in 1925. Matulaitis was also the founder of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception and the Handmaids of Jesus in the Eucharist; he served as the Superior-General of the Marian Fathers from 1911 until his death. He worked in secret to revive the Marian Fathers after the Russian authorities suppressed all religious orders and he even relinquished his teaching position to better dedicate himself to that secret revival. He was a noted teacher and spiritual director who set up other branches of the order in places such as Switzerland and the United States far from Russian authorities.

Jüri Jaakson

January 16th, 1870 - April 20th, 1942

Jüri Jaakson was an Estonian businessman and politician.

Jüri Lossmann

died May 1st, 1984

Jüri Lossmann was an Estonian long distance runner. He finished second in the marathon at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, at 2:32:48.6, trailing Hannes Kolehmainen by 13 seconds, but beating the third-placed Valerio Arri by almost 4 minutes. At the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris he was the flag bearer for Estonia and finished tenth in the marathon.

Jüri Tamm

born February 5th, 1957

Jüri Tamm was an Estonian hammer thrower and politician. Representing the USSR, he won a bronze medal in the 1980 and 1988 Summer Olympics and a silver medal at the 1987 World Championships in Athletics. He set the world record for the hammer in 1980.

Juri Ueno

born May 25th, 1986

Juri Ueno (上野 樹里, Ueno Juri, born 25 May 1986) is a Japanese actress. She first gained recognition in the 2005 film Swing Girls where she was a recipient of Newcomer of the Year prize at the Japanese Academy Awards. Ueno achieved mainstream success for playing the titular role in the live-action adaptations of manga Nodame Cantabile for which she won Best Lead Actress at the 51st Television Drama Academy Awards in 2007. She further gained acclaim with her role in the television series Last Friends for which she won Best Supporting Actress at the Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix and the 57th Television Drama Academy Awards in 2008.

Jüri Uluots

born January 13th, 1890

Jüri Uluots was an Estonian prime minister, journalist, prominent attorney and distinguished Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Tartu.

Jüri Vilms

died May 2nd, 1918

Jüri Vilms was a member of the Estonian Salvation Committee and the first Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia. Empowered by Maapäev the Salvation Committee issued the Estonian Declaration of Independence on February 24, 1918 in the middle of a political power vacuum created by the retreating Russian and advancing German troops during World War I. The German forces taking over the country didn't recognize the independence of Estonia. The Salvation Committee went underground, Jüri Vilms volunteered to go to Finland to take funds and instructions to the Estonian missions working to get diplomatic recognition for the newly sovereign nation. According to an "official" version, he was captured on reaching the Finnish coast and executed by German troops in Helsinki. According to the latest research Jüri Vilms may have been executed by a unit of the Swedish Brigade in Hauho. Estonia gained its independence after the German troops were withdrawn from Estonia due to the German Revol...

Jurickson Profar

born February 20th, 1993

Jurickson Barthelomeus Profar (born February 20, 1993) is a Curaçaoan professional baseball infielder and outfielder who is a free agent. He has played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics and San Diego Padres.

Jurij Tepeš

born February 14th, 1989

Jurij Tepeš is a Slovenian former ski jumper.

Jurij Vega

born March 23rd, 1754

Baron Jurij Bartolomej Vega was a Slovene mathematician, physicist and artillery officer.

Jurijs Andrejevs

born January 16th, 1957

Jurijs Andrejevs is a former football player and manager who is the sporting director of Latvian Football Federation. Previously he was the manager of the team but was released in 2008 after an unsuccessful season. He was the manager of Latvia national team from 2004 to 2007, having succeeded Aleksandrs Starkovs in December 2004.

Juris Alunāns

May 13th, 1832 - April 18th, 1864

Juris Alunāns was a Latvian writer and philologist in the Russian Empire. He was one of the first contributors of the Latvian language. He was one of the members of the Young Latvia movement.

Jurriaan Schrofer

born April 15th, 1926

Jurriaan Willem Schrofer was a Dutch sculptor, graphic designer, type designer, and art school educator.

Jusepe de Ribera

born January 12th, 1591

Jusepe de Ribera was a Spanish painter and printmaker who, along with Francisco de Zurbarán, Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, and the singular Diego Velázquez, is regarded as one of the major artists of Spanish Baroque painting. Referring to a series of Ribera exhibitions held in the late 20th century, Philippe de Montebello wrote "If Ribera's status as the undisputed protagonist of Neapolitan painting had ever been in doubt, it was no longer. Indeed, to many it seemed that Ribera emerged from these exhibitions as not simply the greatest Neapolitan artist of his age but one of the outstanding European masters of the seventeenth century." Jusepe de Ribera has also been referred to as José de Ribera, Josep de Ribera, and Lo Spagnoletto by his contemporaries, early historians, and biographers.


born November 4th, 1989

Jasmeet Singh Raina (born November 4, 1989), professionally known as Jus Reign, is a Canadian comedian and music artist of Indian descent. He is most prominently known as a YouTube personality, and one of Much Digital Studios' original creators.

Jussi Björling

born February 5th, 1911

Johan Jonatan "Jussi" Björling was a Swedish tenor. One of the leading operatic singers of the 20th century, Björling appeared for many years at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City and less frequently at the major European opera houses, including the Royal Opera House in London and La Scala in Milan. He sang the Italian, French and Russian opera repertory with taste.

Jussi Kekkonen

died April 1st, 1962

Uuno Johannes (Jussi) Kekkonen was a Finnish major, CEO and the younger brother of President of Finland Urho Kekkonen. Jussi Kekkonen fought successfully in the Winter War in the direction of Kuhmo but lost his sight when he was wounded in the early stages of the Continuation War.

Jussi Markkanen

born May 8th, 1975

Jussi Markkanen is a Finnish professional ice hockey executive and former goaltender. He is currently serving as general manager of SaiPa. Markkanen played extensively in various European professional leagues as well as the National Hockey League (NHL). He was selected in the fifth round of the 2001 NHL Entry Draft, 133rd overall, by the Edmonton Oilers, as an over-aged entrant.

Jussi Merinen

died April 20th, 1918

Juho Rikard Merinen was a Finnish trade unionist, politician and member of the Parliament of Finland, the national legislature of Finland. A member of the Social Democratic Party, he represented Turku Province North between May 1907 and July 1908. He was executed by the White Guard during the Finnish Civil War.

Just Let Go

born April 21st, 1980

Robert Hugh "Hadley" Fraser (born 21 April 1980) is an English stage actor and singer. He made his West End debut as Marius in Les Misérables. He also originated the role of Tiernan in the Broadway show The Pirate Queen.

Justin Beriault

born August 23rd, 1981

Arthur Justin Beriault (born August 23, 1981) is a former American football strong safety in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys. He played college football at Ball State University.

Justin Bieber

born March 1st, 1994

Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian singer. Regarded as a pop icon, he is recognized for his multi-genre musical performances. Bieber was discovered by American record executive Scooter Braun and signed with RBMG Records in 2008, gaining recognition with the release of his debut seven-track EP My World (2009) and soon establishing himself as a teen idol.

Justin Bradley

born September 8th, 1985

Justin Bradley (born September 8, 1985) is a Canadian former actor.
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