Lauren Holly

born October 28th, 1963

Lauren Holly (born October 28, 1963) is an American actress. She has played the roles of Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in the television series Picket Fences, NCIS Director Jenny Shepard in the series NCIS, Dr. Betty Rogers on Motive, Mary Swanson in Dumb and Dumber, Bruce Lee's wife Linda Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, Darian Smalls in Beautiful Girls, and Gigi in What Women Want.

Lauren Hutton

born November 17th, 1943

Lauren Hutton (born Mary Laurence Hutton; November 17, 1943) is an American model and actress. Born and raised in the southern United States, Hutton relocated to New York City in her early adulthood to begin a modeling career. Though she was initially dismissed by agents for a signature gap in her teeth, Hutton signed a modeling contract with Revlon in 1973, which at the time was the biggest contract in the history of the modeling industry.

Lauren Jackson

born May 11th, 1981

Lauren Elizabeth Jackson is an Australian professional basketball player. Arguably the most notable Australian women's basketball player, Jackson has had a decorated career with the Australia women's national basketball team and has had multiple stints in the Women's National Basketball League (WNBL) between 1997 and 2024. Between 2001 and 2012, she played in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA).

Lauren Kennedy

born September 3rd, 1973

Lauren Kennedy (born September 3, 1973) is an American actress and singer who has performed numerous times on Broadway. She is now the producing artistic director of Theatre Raleigh in her home state of North Carolina.

Lauren Lane

born February 2nd, 1961

Laura "Lauren" Lane is an American film, television, stage actress, and professor. She is best known for her role as C.C. Babcock on The Nanny.

Lauren Laverne

born April 28th, 1978

Lauren Cecilia Fisher, known professionally as Lauren Laverne, is an English radio DJ, model, television presenter, author and singer. She was the lead singer and additional guitarist in the alternative rock band Kenickie. The group's album At The Club reached the top 10, although her greatest chart success came when she performed vocals on Mint Royale's single "Don't Falter". Laverne has presented numerous television programmes, including 10 O'Clock Live for Channel 4, and The Culture Show and coverage of the Glastonbury Festival for the BBC. She has also written a published novel entitled Candypop: Candy and the Broken Biscuits. She presents the breakfast show on BBC Radio 6 Music, and in 2018 became the host of the long-running radio show Desert Island Discs.

Lauren Lee Smith

born June 19th, 1980

Lauren Lee Smith (born June 19, 1980) is a Canadian actress. She is known for her television roles, including Emma DeLauro in the syndicated science fiction drama Mutant X, Riley Adams in the CBS forensics drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, police Sergeant Michelle McCluskey in the CTV fantasy drama The Listener and Frankie Drake in the CBC detective series Frankie Drake Mysteries.

Lauren Luke

born December 8th, 1981

Lauren Luke (born 8 December 1981) is an English YouTube personality who became known for creating make-up tutorials on Panacea81, one of the most popular channels during the early years of YouTube.

Lauren McQueen

born July 12th, 1996

Lauren Louise McQueen (born 12 July 1996) is an English actress. She gained prominence through her role as Lily Drinkwell on the Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks. She also appeared on the CBBC school-drama 4 O'Clock Club as Rachel and on Ordinary Lies as Amelie.

Lauren Patten

born September 22nd, 1992

Lauren Marie Patten (born September 22, 1992) is an American actress, singer, and writer best known for originating the role of Jo in the Broadway musical Jagged Little Pill, as well as playing Officer Rachel Witten in the crime series Blue Bloods. For her performance in Jagged Little Pill, Patten won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

Lauren Riihimaki

born August 11th, 1993

Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki (born August 11, 1993) is a Canadian YouTuber known for her video content on the LaurDIY YouTube channel as well as her vlog and podcast content on the LaurDIY Vlogs and WILD 'TIL 9 channels, respectively. As of January 2022, LaurDIY has over 8.5 million subscribers, and LaurDIY Vlogs and WILD 'TIL 9 have a combined 535,000 subscribers.

Lauren Southern

born June 16th, 1995

Lauren Cherie Southern (born 16 June 1995) is a Canadian alt-right YouTuber, political activist and commentator. In 2015, Southern ran as a Libertarian Party candidate in the Canadian federal election. Southern worked for Rebel Media until March 2017, when she began to work independently.

Lauren Tom

born August 4th, 1961

Lauren Tom (born August 4, 1961) is an American actress. Her roles include Lena St. Clair in The Joy Luck Club, Julie in the NBC sitcom Friends, Dot in the final season of Grace Under Fire, and the voices for Amy Wong in Futurama, Dana Tan in Batman Beyond, Jinx and Gizmo in Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go!, Minh and Connie Souphanousinphone in King of the Hill, and Numbuh 3 in Codename: Kids Next Door. She portrayed Celia Mack in the Disney Channel series Andi Mack and also played Mrs. Tran in the CW series Supernatural.

Lauren Worsham

born April 4th, 1982

Lauren Tolbert Worsham (born April 4, 1982) is an American actress and singer known for her work in the opera and musical theatre. She received a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role in A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder. She is also known for being the lead singer of the band Sky-Pony, which has released two albums with original songs titled "Say You Love Me Like You Mean It" and "Raptured Live".

Lauren Young

born November 8th, 1993

Lauren Anne Young (born November 8, 1993), simply known as Lauren Young, is a Filipino-American actress, singer, and model. She is the younger sister of actress and Miss World 2013 Megan Young.

Laurence Courtois

born January 18th, 1976

Laurence Courtois is a former professional female tennis player from Belgium.

Laurence Ginnell

died April 17th, 1923

Laurence Ginnell was an Irish nationalist politician, lawyer and Member of Parliament (MP) of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as member of the Irish Parliamentary Party for Westmeath North at the 1906 UK general election. From 1910 he sat as an Independent Nationalist and at the 1918 general election he was elected for Sinn Féin.

Laurence Hastings, 1st Earl of Pembroke

born March 20th, 1319

Laurence de Hastings, 1st Earl of Pembroke was a Norman English nobleman and held the titles 1st Earl of Pembroke, Baron Abergavenny and Baron Hastings under Edward II of England and Edward III of England.

Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester

died May 2nd, 1711

Laurence Hyde, 1st Earl of Rochester, was an English statesman and writer. He was originally a supporter of James II but later supported the Glorious Revolution in 1688. He held high office under Queen Anne, daughter of his sister Anne Hyde, but their frequent disagreements limited his influence.

Laurence Leboeuf

born December 13th, 1985

Laurence Charlotte Leboeuf (born December 13, 1985) is a Canadian actress.

Laurence Maroney

born February 5th, 1985

Laurence Maroney is an American former professional football player who was a running back for five seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the Minnesota Golden Gophers and was selected by the New England Patriots with the 21st overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. He also played a season for the Denver Broncos.

Laurence of Canterbury

died February 2nd, 0619

Laurence was the second Archbishop of Canterbury, serving from about 604 to 619. He was a member of the Gregorian mission sent from Italy to England to Christianise the Anglo-Saxons from their native Anglo-Saxon paganism, although the date of his arrival is disputed. He was consecrated archbishop by his predecessor, Augustine of Canterbury, during Augustine's lifetime, to ensure continuity in the office. While archbishop, he attempted unsuccessfully to resolve differences with the native British bishops by corresponding with them about points of dispute. Laurence faced a crisis following the death of King Æthelberht of Kent, when the king's successor abandoned Christianity; he eventually reconverted. Laurence was revered as a saint after his death in 619.

Laurence Olivier

May 22nd, 1907 - July 11th, 1989

Laurence Kerr Olivier, Baron Olivier, OM (/ˈlɒrəns ˈkɜːr əˈlɪvieɪ/; 22 May 1907 – 11 July 1989) was an English actor and director who, along with his contemporaries Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud, was one of a trio of male actors who dominated the British stage of the mid-20th century. He also worked in films throughout his career, playing more than fifty cinema roles. Late in his career, he had considerable success in television roles.

Laurence Owen

died February 15th, 1961

Laurence Rochon "Laurie" Owen was an American figure skater. She was the 1961 U.S. National Champion and represented the United States at the 1960 Winter Olympics, where she placed 6th. She was the daughter of Maribel Vinson and Guy Owen and the sister of Maribel Owen. Owen died, along with her mother, sister and the entire United States Figure Skating team, in the crash of Sabena Flight 548 en route to the 1961 World Figure Skating Championships. In 2011, on the 50th anniversary of the crash, Owen and the entire team was inducted to the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers

died May 5th, 1760

Laurence Shirley, 4th Earl Ferrers was an English nobleman, notable for being the last peer to be hanged, following his conviction for murdering his steward.

Laurence Sterne

died March 18th, 1768

Laurence Sterne was an Irish novelist and Anglican cleric who wrote the novels The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, published sermons and memoirs, and indulged in local politics. He grew up in a military family, travelling mainly in Ireland but briefly in England. An uncle paid for Sterne to attend Hipperholme Grammar School in the West Riding of Yorkshire, as Sterne's father was ordered to Jamaica, where he died of malaria some years later. He attended Jesus College, Cambridge on a sizarship, gaining bachelor's and master's degrees. While Vicar of Sutton-on-the-Forest, Yorkshire, he married Elizabeth Lumley in 1741. His ecclesiastical satire A Political Romance infuriated the church and was burnt.

Laurence Tisch

born March 5th, 1923

Laurence Alan Tisch was an American businessman, investor and billionaire. He was the CEO of CBS television network from 1986 to 1995. With his brother Bob Tisch, he was part owner of Loews Corporation.

Laurens Hammond

born January 11th, 1895

Laurens Hammond was an American engineer and inventor. His inventions include the Hammond organ, the Hammond clock, and the world's first polyphonic musical synthesizer, the Novachord.

Laurent Beaudoin

born May 13th, 1938

Laurent Robert Beaudoin is a Canadian businessman from Quebec. From 1979 to 2003, he was the CEO of the transportation company Bombardier.

Laurent Bonnart

born December 25th, 1979

Laurent Bonnart is a French former professional footballer who played as a full-back.

Laurent Brochard

born March 26th, 1968

Laurent Brochard is a retired professional road racing cyclist from France. In 1997 he won a stage of the Tour de France and became world road champion in San Sebastián, Spain.

Laurent Cabannes

born February 6th, 1964

Laurent Jean-Marie Cabannes is a former French rugby union footballer. He played as a flanker.
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